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Come on Fiverr... Can You just Stop Allowing Orders to Come Through Without Order Details?

Can someone explain why it would be so difficult to have orders NOT come through until buyers have provided their full order details?

I have nearly $500 of non-started orders and the number of these is growing at a faster rate than ever. my latest one is from a buyer who wants to chat.


“I want to no more about u plz.”

“What do you do?”

“What is your job?”

No. Sorry, I have work to do. Get out.

Really, I can not order anything anywhere online without providing my shipping details. Why does Fiverr do things backwards and take payment first? It simply makes no sense. - Especially given how when I order on Fiverr, I myself seem to find the process increasingly confusing.


It sounds good on paper to have orders only come through after details have been provided but the execution of that seems like it would be impossible to police. For example someone could give the kind of “details” you just described and have the order start.

If it were done right it might be possible, with a form to fill out.

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If sellers can cancel orders that haven’t started that would be ideal.


While we’re on this topic can we for the love of god stop allowing orders to be marked as complete without buyers leaving a review? Pretty please?


I like how they can mark an order complete. They have the option of doing that or leaving a review and that way we can have orders complete faster if they don’t want to leave any review.

What is totally amazing is that buyers STILL don’t not only leave any review, but won’t even mark it complete! I have a one sentence instruction that they can choose to either mark it complete or leave a review, and still, some do neither and let the order drag through the three day waiting period.


As long as you mean without being hit with cancellation penalties!

The way my non-started orders are stacked up, I’d come out of cancelling them with my career looking like it has barely lasted 3 rounds in the ring with a drunk Conor McGregor.


In my book, not leaving a review means a buyer hates you. In this case, be careful what you wish for. *****

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Very wise, you bribed them with chocolate. Nice. You can move mountains with a reward.

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So, you prefer the possibility of a not-so-good review to no review at all? Or, you prefer waiting for 3 more days (if the buyer doesn’t feel like reviewing)?


Yes, I can see someone who had no issues, but gets annoyed at having to waste time giving a review leaving something less than good because they are having their time wasted. It’s like every time I go to the supermarket while trying to pay, I have to answer if I am a member of the rewards club, then if I want to be a member of the rewards club, then do you want to donate a dollar to help homeless frogs? Would you like to leave your email address…

I’m like OMG, can I just throw some money down and leave please?


Indeed. We’re getting reviews based on the buyer’s overall experience; we can get less than 5 stars just because the site happened to be buggy for a while. Adding one more thing that might annoy the buyer doesn’t seem like a good idea.


I would probably start giving out more 4-star reviews if the reviews become mandatory.
Right now I prefer not to give any review in such cases.


It would be good if a buyer could choose either to confirm or not confirm an order, so there would be less of unfortunate orders.

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Yes, of course. That’s what I meant.

I’m personally all for the new marking without having to leave a review.
Why? If a client intends to leave a review they’ll do so willingly.

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That’s the thing, I’ve had people tell me the loved the work and ordered again but just won’t leave reviews. It’s so god damn frustrating.

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I am a buyer as well. I don’t always leave reviews.
Although their work was of fair quality, I would be doing a disservice leaving a simple generic uncalled for review.


You can remind them to leave you a review if you want. As long as you don’t tell them which review they should leave you’ll be OK.


At my supermarket, there’s a woman who after a couple times of asking if I have a payback card now remembers I don’t and doesn’t ask anymore. She just mumbles something like “ah no you don’t have a card” (I presume so I could protest if I suddenly had one) to which I don’t have to say anything, just smile in delight. I love her.

I’m glad for the option to put mandatory requirements, and for the option to deactivate them for custom offers, both helps.

It always seems to boil down to the issue of how mutual cancellations are handled now in the end. If there was no penalty for cancellations that make sense, most people would be fine, even if it still cost them a bit of time to deal with buyer shenanigans.

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This is a huge issue in our country and they need our help! * Walks away with box of homeless Frogs *


Yes, and I like to repeat these two points, they are just my personal tips:

  1. If the buyer wants to leave a review then that’s awesome. If they don’t, don’t pester them, just leave them be.
  2. No review is better than a low review. Some buyers don’t even like to give 5 stars, 4 is the highest they would give you no matter how good your work was.