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Come on Fiverr, get the Instant Tip facility available!

(please) :slight_smile:

I know there has been a lot of talk way before I was even here in regard to a ‘tip’ facility for clients to leave a tip for the seller but I need to echo those requests please!

I was quite embarrassed about having to set up a ‘gig’ to ask for tips and so I didn’t do so for a long time but after requests from so many clients wanting to leave a tip, I finally did so - and now I post a generic message at the bottom of every completed order review… but I feel bad for doing so! It shouldn’t be up to me to ‘beg’ for more money once the job has been done, despite my 100% rating and fantastic testimonials.

You guys have set up an awesome site here which I’m guessing took a bit more that basic C+ programming so how hard would it be to have a little ‘Blown away by that gig? Why not surprise the seller with a little extra?’ tab where the buyer could select maybe as little as $1 tips up to $100? Hell, you could even take a percentage of that.

From a site I personally think is totally awesome, if you got that last bit in place, it would be awesomer… (yes, that’s a word I’ve just made up!).

Please do it, or tell us why you won’t. I don’t want to feel embarrassed about asking clients for tips anymore!



Why do you even ask for TIPS for the first place well TIPS are given by buyers for their HAPPINESS you don’t have to ask for it if your buyer love your work eventually he will leave a TIP as a 1 gig order whether there is a TIP GIG or not he will leave it to you

Reply to @mclabz: Most sellers are setting up gigs for tips. It is commonplace now on Fiverr, but a tip feature would be nice.


Reply to @mclabz: Eh? Most buyers don’t know you have a tip gig unless you point it out to them. It makes sense for Fiverr to have an optional extra at the point when the buyer approves the delivery of the gig. Surely?

I agree, a tip feature would be nice! Maybe it will be an idea set up for future implementation. I suggest tweeting them with your idea, it has more chances of being taken into consideration than here on the forum, where they might not see it.

@artworkking a little question my friend why are you still level 1? O.o

Reply to @mclabz: That’s too complicated - buyer will initially see the gig and think it presumptuous for a seller to offer a ‘tip gig’ even before they’ve ordered anything. Secondly, they would have to go back into the gig extras to buy it. Do you not agree it would be better, and more accessible if an option to leave a tip came up when the buyer approved the gig? Similar to when you make a gig and all the different options come up (postage extras, share on social media etc).

Reply to @hotwebideas: yeh that feature is nice but asking a tip is not nice :slight_smile:

Reply to @artworkking: make a TIP as a EXTRA gig so buyer can add extra gig later

I agree about the feature but I don’t recommend you to ask for tips always :slight_smile: well you can put a EXTRA GIG as a tip also right :slight_smile:

Reply to @mclabz: I’ve only been here 7 weeks. I’m 90% into being level two in that time.

I agree with @artworkking It would be a really nice feature if it was just an option when the buyer is leaving feedback. I know I personally over deliver on my gigs and my feedback from customers is typically ecstatic. I personally do not have a Tip gig but have had many customers just on there own order a few more gigs saying “just a tip”. Buyers get an exceptional value from us sellers on fiverr it would be nice for us to earn a little more for our hard work with the buyer feeling obligated.

Spot on badbeehavior! Great testimonials are one thing, but they don’t buy the beer.


I’ve had multiple people suggest I put up a Tip Gig as well, but it feels weird. I’ve seen some people put the option to tip as a gig extra, which seems like it would be simpler than directing folks to your other gig.

It’s a must have feature…

I agree. I am from the UK and asking for tips isn’t a done thing. I know it’s the norm in the States and possibly Canada, but I personally feel embarrassed having to ask for a tip.

I’m probably one of the few Level 2 Sellers that doesn’t have a tip gig. I just can’t bring myself to creating one and then asking my customers (because that’s what they are guys) to tip me.

Stay awesome guys!

Warm regards,


Just to say thank you Fiverr! Proving to be rather lucrative now the client can instantly leave a tip! :slight_smile: