COME ON FIVERR.. IMPROVE YOUR RATING SYSTEM...Cannot respond to Buyer's requests despite excellent client feedback


Hello guys, I need your advice on this issue. I am in a dilemma due to Fiverr’s weird rules of rating maintenance.

I am a working music composer and I’ve a music gig here. Till now I’ve delivered music to my clients with 5 star ratings and great feedback. The only reason why my ratings currently show at 87% is because of 2 clients canceling the orders due to late delivery! It wasn’t that late btw. Just a few hours late. I was busy working for other client’s projects who ordered first. Moreover, while the order was under way, I humbly told my client that I am very busy with other projects and that it might take me few days more to deliver your music. I was already half done with the music compositions. Just mixing and mastering was remaining.

I am not one of those newbie “beat makers” who try cheap tactics like pre-made beats or use readily available royalty free music loops to make music in 24 hours. I compose music from scratch, NOTE BY NOTE (which true musicians usually do) from a completely blank template in my DAW so that I can offer maximum customization as per my client’s needs. But just because of two cancellations, Fiverr drops your 100% rating to below 90%?? That’s tbh sounds very unfair.

Interestingly, after that seller cancelled the order and I automatically got a 1 star, I didn’t knew back then that client doesn’t rate 1 star, but Fiverr automatically gives the seller 1 star for a cancelled order. I contacted him personally and reminded him that his music was almost ready so why he cancelled and gave me 1 star? I reasoned with him earlier that late delivery was to be expected. … and you know what he said??

He apologized to me and said he didn’t intentionally rate me 1 star. He didn’t even know that cancellations causes sellers to be given a 1 star rating by Fiverr. He continued, “you’re a great musician but I needed money at the moment so I withdrew. You can sell that music to your next client…”

haha… :slight_smile:

…come on Fiverr, :angry: improve your rating system and stop inhibiting talented artists by disallowing them to respond to buyer requests even at 87% rating and making them suffer by cutting down their primary source of getting orders…i.e. via buyer requests :confused:

What you guys think about this?

Have you faced similar situations where you did very well for 10 clients but due to harsh negative rating system, just 2 order cancellations dropped you from 100% score to less than 90%?

and how did you recover from that?

ALTHOUGH I ADMIT… AFTER FIRST MONTH OF EXCELLENT FEEDBACK, I WASN’T ABLE TO CONTINUE THE GIG DUE TO SOME FAMILY ISSUES AND I HAD TO PUT THE GIG ON VACATION MODE FOR … 9 DAMN LONG MONTHS… :disappointed_relieved: … I regret that still… but there are certain situations in life when you have to compromise on even those things that you love doing… this is Life :slight_smile:

You can check my gig to know my track record yourself…
and as far as improvement of gig is concerned, well, my music skills speaks for itself I don’t need to brag about it here, I have excellent English communication skills (which most sellers lack) and just made the most comprehensive gig video one can find in the music category.

It’s 9 minutes long (off course besides that small 1 min 360p video which Fiverr thinks is enough for clients… )

so do check out my gig video plz :wink:

But, yeah, any advice regarding improvement still is always welcome :slight_smile:

thanks and kind regards,
MKG Arts


Once your order is late you are late, no exceptions.


Sure, I completely know that and accept that as well. But Fiverr must care about seller’s interests too…It feels unfair to be punished like that for mistakes that aren’t under a seller’s control.



Btw, I see that you are a psychic reader :smiley:

Please do a psycho analysis of my gig and predict it’s future haha :slight_smile:


I hear your frustration however did you not know that you can extend the delivery time of any particular order?


I think a “few hours” might mean something different to you than it does to many people. An automatic one-star cancellation can’t even happen within the first ten hours, for example. The last time I bought a gig that wasn’t delivered on time it took 48 hours before I got the option to automatically cancel. That should be plenty of time to either deliver or to send a request for more time through the resolution center.

i suggest making your delivery time longer overall so this doesn’t have as much chance of happening. It’s great that you work so long and hard on your orders, but you have to adjust your timing to match. I don’t think Fiverr’s late cancellation options are that harsh at all, some sites would allow it the instant a gig runs late.


Ah, I didn’t! btw, since when Fiverr implemented this feature? I joined in April last year. I am not sure whether this was available at that time.


I’m not sure whether it was available in April last year either because I wasn’t on Fiverr then, but extending delivery time is an option when you send a request to the resolution centre. The buyer still has to approve it, but if you think you’re going to be late it’s better to do things that way.

As for the big drop in ratings from 100% to below 90%, that’s likely because you haven’t got many other ratings. 2 out of 13 is a pretty big percentage, so that’s why it’s such a big drop. If you had 2 x 1 star ratings out of 200 x 5 star ratings it wouldn’t make as much of an impact. So the more orders you deliver (and maintain good ratings), the better that percentage will get.

Stick at it, keep delivering great work on time, and your ratings will go up :slight_smile:


I didn’t know one can extend delivery time via resolution center. But thanks for letting me know. I will make use of that feature from now on when necessary :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your supportive words :slight_smile: Yes, my delivery time is already high compared to other composers. I’ve seen others keeping as low as 24 hours especially for composing full instrumentals and call themselves mixing and mastering experts, which is ridiculous. Ask any dedicated composer how long it takes to compose a full track with complete set of instruments. It will easily take 5-7 days depending on the complexity of the genre. There’s something called ear fatigue which has to be taken into account while music is being composed. Composers have to regularly take couple of hours break after each session in order to give headroom for their ears to adjust to the sound they hear over and over again, then resume composing with fresh perspective on the current state of composition as they are able to detect any flaws musically after that break. Moreover, Mastering alone can take up whole day.

I always see to it that I finish a given track within 5-6 days so that I’ve got 1 additional day for any changes that client may require. But as I said, that was unfortunate that client decided to cancel the order despite me working so hard on their music and almost at the verge of finishing!

Plus there are certain clients who no matter how much you try, they always like to complain and ask for revisions after revision and are never satisfied. But yeah, that’s another issue altogether which causes unnecessary delays.


Yes, that makes a good sense. But it’s irrelevant for new sellers who are hardly an year old. As they are relatively new so usually they won’t get regular orders like the top sellers and level 2 sellers. Plus, due to that percentage drop below 90 early on, you can’t even have an option to increase your order frequency by directly contacting clients via buyer requests section. That’s what pisses me off. Other hiring sites (not sure whether I can mention their names here), have FAR BETTER SYSTEM to let sellers contact buyer requests up to more than 10 per day. But Fiverr immediately takes away your right to contact client per day to 0 if your rating is below 90%! 87% is just 3% less than 90 lol. It’s not like my gig rating dropped to 50% so that Fiverr will punish me by withdrawing my right to contact all the buyer requests! Do the math. It should’ve allowed varied levels of contact rules like only 5 buyer requests if percentage below 90, 3 buyer requests if percentage is below 70, and so on.

Most of the “promote your fiverr gigs” are scams and don’t work. Fiverr makes it very tough for new sellers to get exposure. That’s what I am saying.

Do you know a valid way to increase your sales especially in this situation where you can’t respond to buyer’s requests?

You can message me if you want to talk that way.


Hmm true. I haven’t worked on other platforms either so I’m not entirely sure how other systems work. I’m also realising that I’ve been very lucky as I’ve only been on Fiverr 2 months but already had over 50 orders without promoting myself at all, but I’m offering something that is naturally a recurring type of gig. I think I’ve been quite lucky, so I can’t really offer much advice there but all I can do is offer encouragement. I binge listened to just about every episode of the fiverr podcast in my first 2 weeks on fiverr so I got lots of tips from that, and I’ve been reading the forum for more tips too. If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, I highly recommend it :slight_smile:


Sure, I would like to listen to those podcasts :slight_smile:

Where to find them? Can you give the link here?



Yes, I’ve tried other platforms and met with MORE success on those compared to Fiverr! I’ve been contacted by a music company there and they have huge client base to work for. I am glad to have joined that other platform.

Although, I’ve tasted success here too, but it’s not consistent. But I am a hard working professional and I am sure that won’t be the case for long. True talent always gets recognized no matter how many odds are against you :slight_smile:



That’s great! It’s always good to have diversified streams of income I think. ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ as they say. Yes, I agree that true talent always gets recognized in the end. As long as you keep showing up and doing good work, over time your reputation will build.

The podcast is here on iTunes It’s great!