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Come on Fiverr! When a Job is Delivered Pause the Timer

I offered a buyer 3 days to deliver on an order. I delivered on the first day because I had time. The seller just communicated with me that they need a revision, 4 days after my delivery. Now it’s telling me I’m late. How can I be late? I know this would eventually affect my score. This is not fair if the buyer decides to take their sweet time to check their order, why do I have to suffer??
I suggest when we deliver a job the timer stops counting down. So we won’t have to ask for extensions in time and all that.


It will not effect anything. Chill.


Buyers hope fiverr will entertain their suggestions !

Wait a second, how they can request a revision 4 days after delivery when fiverr autocomplete all orders after 3 days???


They must have gotten an alert telling them they have like an hour or something to respond before enabling the autocomplete. I don’t know. But my point is when they activated the revision, the order said I had 22 hours late.

are you talking from experience?

As others indicated. It will not be marked as LATE. Do not worry. (as long as your first delivery was done at time)


He´s right, from experience, so yes, chill, it won’t affect your rating.

However, you are right too because Fiverr really should stop the timer after the delivery. Even the Seller Help Center info says that sellers are not timed on revisions, so there is no reason to show the order as “LATE”. Maybe put “PLEASE REVISE TIMELY” or whatever, if they think sellers need some visible memo to not forget they still need to deliver the revision (which sometimes are even buyers asking for additional work, saying Thank You or whatever, where the red hot LATE really makes no sense at all).


nothing to worry about fiverr will sort it , if not after an obvious delay, most defiantly contact fiverr and address them with the situation , hope everything goes well !