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Come on fiverr, your support sucks [ARCHIVED]

This is a message to the fiverr support team. Your replying time on the support tickets is minimum 3-4 days for simple questions.

I have made a payment and it’s deducted from my account and it’s still showing not paid. Do i really have to wait 3-4 days until you guys solve this for me ? Why can’t you just hire 2-3 more guys in your support team ? With the high fees you are charging the buyers and sellers you should also offer good support

It’s 24 hours almost since i created support ticket. Please solve this problem

This got me thinking, last i heard there were + 15 million members. Based on my own experience i have opened an average of 1 support ticket per month.
Based on this average (+ allot of assumptions) support staff would be getting about 500000 tickets to deal with every month, so that’s about 15000 per day, so if they spend a minute per ticket that would mean 250 hours of work per day. That would mean on a day when everything goes as planned the ideal amount of support staff would be 32.

If we say the salary of support staff is 300 $ in India. That means 32 x 300 = 9600 $

Compared with the millions of $ they are doing, I think it’s worth it for them to increase their support staff. As it is now, there’s tons of complaints on how bad fiverr support is.

The support staff or not in India, they are in Florida, just FYI.

I’m just telling you that it’s unacceptable to wait several days to get an answer. It doesn’t matter where your support are, you need to improve. You can just make a google search and see how many that are unhappy with the long replying time.

Florida calculation based on previous assumptions + assuming fiverr pays the average US salary for customer support work and employee has weekends off the salary is about 2100. But if it works anything like in europe, social security tax, unemployment tax, worker insurance etc (freelancers have to pay all those things themselves). So the salary is really around 4k, so 4000x32= 128000$

I think we all would be happy to see shorter response times though and i’m sure more effective methods and solutions are being considered and implemented over time.

I am still waiting for a reply from customer service. It’s now one week since I sent you email. Why aren’t you replying ?

I have done payments to you for 120 $ that has been deducted from my account but still showing not paid.

Was 15 minutes for a response on average as TRS.

Had one ticket open, just a simple feedback removal, for close to two weeks now without a response.

Doubt it’s in Florida. It’s definitely in India. They denied my gig BEFORE operation hours.

Support is in Florida. They work 24 hours a day.

More like 24 hours a month

I think they’re in the US–they don’t have “quirky” Indian English. Your gig could have been auto-denied btw. Not sure if that’s a thing, but considering how many gigs are created daily, having a blacklist makes sense in lieu of Fiverr’s CS issues.