COMEDY and unique GIG inspiration- what/whom do you like?


So I’m super excited because I finally decided to start offering my most unique gig (that noone else offers on FivERR) and it’s pending review… But basically I wanted to chat about COMEDY (who do you love/hate/do you consider yourself funny and why?) and what’s your InSpiRatioN for YOUR UNIQUE GIGS (that involve some form of comedy) ? ? ?

I truly feel LAUGHTER is one of the most awesome FREE things we can enjoy in life and I guess to answer my own question I’d have to say I LOVE smart/witty/dry/intellectual comedy like Carlin, Bill Maher, Louis C.K., Seinfeld, Dane cOok, Chappelle, Bernie Mac, and GarFunkel & OATS… I love FIVERR for providing an outlet and conduit with which I feel comfortable (and am enabled) to show the many FACETS De KoLaPOPS ;D I’m dying to take an improv comedy class…

P.S. Does anyone else know like 93 preggo women this past year? (no, i’m not exaggerating!) speaking of COMEDY you must watch the music video for “Pregnant women are smug”… need I say more? LOL


p.p.s. here’s a teaser on ny EMO BABY KOLA video & voiceover gig I’m awaiting approval on… it’s actually a voice I use “subconsciously” quite often… go figure!