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Coming back after a long break

Hello everyone!

My name’s Nathan, and i started selling on Fiverr about 3 years ago, having various gigs to attract buyers. My most succesful one was definetly my “Create you a custom discord bot” gig.


I stopped using Fiverr about a year ago because I got a fulltime job. I recently got a new job with less hours and i’d like to spend some more time on Fiverr jobs, however, I turned my gig back on 2 days ago, and i’ve barely seen any trafic. I used to easily get about ~200 impressions a day, with about one order every 2 days. I put my gig back online 2 days ago, and i’ve gotten 12 impressions in that time.

What happened? Is the problem with my gig? Do i need to change anything? Is the problem with Fiverr? I’m not sure what to do to get my gig running again. Any suggestions are more than welcome!


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Hi, you haven’t been active on fiverr for a long time. In the meantime, covid-19 happened and a lot of new accounts were made in each category, which led you as an old freelancer to have competition. And it is very possible that they surpassed you with 5 * and with reviews. Which led to them having daily orders, and your gig got lost. I hope that helps!

I’ve been selling on Fiverr for nearly 8 years now. About 4 years ago I made the decision to make Fiverr a part-time income only. There were several reasons why - but the old saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” was the main one.

As a result I paused my two voice over gigs (one of which had over 200 five star reviews) - and decided to focus on proofreading only. Fast forward to this year, and due to the current financial climate, I felt the need to reactivate my paused gigs.

However, despite my gigs having been ‘unpaused’ for nearly three months now the impressions are minimal and the clicks nearly non-existent. As it happens, I’ve put one of the two gigs back on hold as my workload elsewhere is picking up a bit.

I don’t know whether Fiverr don’t like older gigs returning or whether it’s something else - all I know is that my old gigs aren’t / weren’t performing since returning. I’ve had no messages or orders from them in three months - whereas three years ago I was getting orders from these gigs on a daily basis.

Based on my experience, you might want to try creating a new gig - so long as you can make it different enough from your existing one in order to please the Fiverr gods.

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