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Coming back from vacation question:

Hi :slight_smile:

I had to put my gig on vacation mode. I didn’t comeback in the allotted time (28 days I believe) and the gigs were suspended. I came back a few weeks ago, (was probably away for 5 months total) and reactivated my gig and got a few orders from some regulars, but I notice that My gig is still not listed in any category I have it set for (Advertising > Hold Your Sign)

Did I miss a step in reactivating my gig?

ammai80, I have the tags and sub categories filled in.

I reached out to Fiverr help but have not gotten an answer since 3 days ago.

A lot of changes were implemented in the past couple of month. Did you check your sub categories? Make sure to fill those in as well!

Hello, You need to Contact support team with further issue. Support team definitely resolve your issue :slight_smile: