Coming down with a sore throat


and I have a few video testimonials to do! :confused:


Drink plenty of fluids and take a rest, hope you’ll get well :slight_smile:

A few days ago I suffered from a cold, I think I was lucky that it only lasted for a couple of days.


I just downed some Nyquil haha


haha… rest is best.


Yeah… I’m hoping I won’t be all congested so I can do all my videos in one shot tomorrow.


Chicken Noodle Soup ! <3


So sorry. :frowning:

I decided to add a voice over option to my book trailer gig, and just a few days after, I caught the flu and ended up with a raging red throat and a nasty cough. So I removed the option. Haven’t put it back on yet. LOL


And no luck I’m congested beyond belief! Good thing I lengthened my delivery time. I have 3 days or less to sounds normal again ahhhh.

Thank you all for the ideas! I may get my chicken broth on today!


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: thank youu! :slight_smile:


Shameless Plug!

Anyone need someone to do a sick sounding voice over I’m your girl!!!


Reply to @goodgift: aww :confused: well if your good why not add it again? Or add it as an extra…BONUS! :slight_smile: