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COMING SOON: Paid ads on fiverr

Soon possibly by next week we will have the chance to buy paid placements for our gigs.

It has occurred to me that the pricing for these should be more for gigs that do not make any sales than for gigs that are earning over $100 per day and up.

Wouldn’t fiverr want the gigs which earn the most for the site to be shown first even as paid ads and therefore charge them less for that placement than gigs which never get sales no matter where they are shown?

I’m also wondering if paid ads will be available to everyone or only gigs chosen to have that opportunity. This will be interesting.

Will YOU be purchasing paid ads, placing your gigs in prominent spots?


This will be an interesting feature but do you think, people who have the opportunity by fiverr organic search will be hurt by this feature?


It remains to be seen. I doubt if any gigs will be hurt by it if looking at google paid ads or Amazon paid ads is any indication.

I just hope the whole site or the entire first 10 pages isn’t paid ads but we will see how it’s handled.


If it will not hurt the organic search then will be a great opportunity for new sellers and sellers with no sells or less sells, great.


Can you please provide the source of this information also more info about it, if you have


An announcement was made on the forum a few weeks ago without any further exact info.

I am making a big assumption it has something to do with the analytics page being unavailable now, since that would be where our new statistics on any paid ads would show up.


We’ll give it a go. I’m quite looking forward to trying it out. So long as it drives exposure, and converts into deals, I’d see it as just another aspect of our business expenditure. I like the idea of having a bit more control and consistency when it comes to traffic - it’s so up and down for us when purely organic.

Yup, curious about this too. The wording of the tweet from the CEO I read a few weeks back suggested it might take a while to be rolled out. I know that we only gained access to the Studio function recently for example, where some sellers had access months ago. I think the fair way to do this would be to allow everyone access at the same time, but who knows how they’ll roll this out?

Where did you hear about it being an imminent release by the way?


I can’t see letting everyone have the ability to buy placed ads. For example it would be a disgrace (not the right word for it exactly) to have some gigs prominently shown first if they are never going to make any sales. Just my own opinion of course.

Rather than saying “disgrace” it would be non-productive for both the buyer of the ad, and for fiverr, to have a paid placement of a gig that no one ever buys.


I was searching for the announcement of this and couldn’t find it so if anyone finds it please post the link, thanks.

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This is a link:

From the twitter link Micha wrote:

Fiverr Promoted Gigs just launched. It will become available for more sellers in the coming weeks and months


I find it funny how a feature of this caliber was tweeted once by the CEO, posted here by a member (moi) and we still don’t know anything about it. :slight_smile:

I will be amongst the first roll out groups so I will post a guide if people want answers!


I’m not paying for ads given the fact that the average person that messages me communicates like they have a brain injury.


Maybe it would be interesting to launch a poll within your post?


I think such gigs as would become eligible for the editor’s choice award would be ones which they would offer the chance to be a paid ad.


Now they smell their bread for that one…am not buying

I think the success as far as the seller goes would depend on how the paid ads look. I see lots of paid ads on Amazon and they don’t have reviews or sales as far as I can tell. It also looks a little bit tacky to have several rows of those which are not really what my search was about exactly.

It seems like the paid ads on Amazon are in the wrong category, or not exactly what my search was for. The one who bought those ads loses out that way, as well as the buyers on Amazon who are presented with things they weren’t looking for.

So a lot will depend on how the paid ads on fiverr are shown. If it’s done correctly it’s going to be a huge success for everyone. It’s a tricky thing to get right probably.

My ideal for this would be just one row at the top, saying “ad” in one corner, and each of those gigs would be a tried and true winner of being popular.

And only on the first page. I think we know that anything after the first page wouldn’t be worth it most likely. I’m no expert however. I could be wrong.

Also I tend to skip over anything that I know is a paid listing on Amazon but again, it might be because they don’t fit what I searched for.

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@misscrystal i dont think so pls share source link if u have or let’s wait and check

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@saadbhatti You don’t think so? I’m not sure what you mean.

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It means there will be no more benefit of our SEO friendly gig…?? I think so. Also it may cause to lower down our gigs ranking. I’m worried.

It means there will be no more benefit of our SEO friendly gig…?? I think so. Also it may cause to lower down our gigs ranking. I’m worried. …

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