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Command Center for Buyers

I am buying from multiple people and wanting to buy multiple gigs from those people, but the current messaging system is extremely inadequate. it is great for a single order person, but there are two streams of communication per person, no central place to keep track, multiple emails triggered and messages which arrive after I have dealt with items, it is a horrible mess to try and manage this.

If fiverr seriously wants to attract people like me, and I know the suppliers I am working with like it, then they need to upgrade and provide a central command center where I can control all jobs on a single screen and manage and message all the people I am dealing with.

At this point I am going to other places simply because to manage more than 3 or 4 people is a nightmare, but I know I would triple my capacity on this platform IF it was plausible to do so… Any other buyers experiencing the same pain??

thanks and best wishes lee