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Comment below if you need my help with your gigs


I can help you to improve your gigs and sales

This thread is being moved to My Fiverr Gigs. Unfortunately many of the
recent commenters are pasting links to gigs but almost no one is trying to critique. Even when you are new and need help, you can also give help to other people. Good luck to all.

2016: This thread is now closed.


I am a new seller with one sell. Would you please check my gig and help me out to get more sales?


Hi proprservice
Change your profile picture and gig images . It is not attractive at all


I am a new seller without any sells.please help me check my gig so i can get sales?


Hi abujai add more introduction about yourself in your profile
There are many punctuation mistakes in your gig


hello, I am not quite popular to fiverr but is willing to try it now on a full time basis. However i am not able to make any more buyers request because i need more positive ratings. Have no clue how to get that. Can you help me please.


*Mistake *


Buyer Request is feature of fiverr where buyer request for the services they want
As you are a seller you have to make gigs for your services and buyers will follow you automatically and buy your gig


what happen?


hello,a new seller,is my gig good enough ?



I’m here to create for you and what is often just imagined but cannot be shown.

I will bring out your mind on paper!

my other skills
2d & 3d animation,cel animation,image editing,digital painting,watercolour painting,photography



I would like you to take a look at my gig Rajat and drop your thoughts. By the way am a new seller too waiting for my first sale.


change your gig image if possible everything else is perfect

#14 please check mine


Thanks !


In the gig description there is punctuation errors , everything else is fine


Hi mate i m new on fiverr please Reviews my gig .if anything is missing let me knw


Hi there,
I have just create my new gigs.Please help me to improve them.
Thanks you in advance!


My Impression and sales have decreased how can I improve I need to make money I am a level two seller


Lot of grammatical errors in the gig description