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Comment flagged for review?


So a client of mine asked me if we could talk over voice chat and here was my response

Apparently this flagged me so I’m wondering, will this hurt my account status in any way? It seems like just an automated response but I’d like to be able to respond to my customer sooner rather than later


Yes, as I’m sure you know, discussing things that are against the Fiverr TOS could hurt your account. That was likely an automated response based upon programmed triggers. Just decline their offer, explain the rules, and encourage them to communicate within the Fiverr message system.


This is what scares me. Is this what is known as a warning of a TOS violation which could get us demoted as of January?

Your message was flagged for review… due to a possible terms of service violation.


I can’t stress this enough: never use the word combo "outside of Fiverr" or "outside Fiverr" - these automatically trigger a flag even if the context was in line with the TOS.

Just invert the wording, like “all communication shall be performed on this page” or something… I know, it’s longer, but also safer from evil bots who flag specific keywords.


If I use the words money or pay or payment or Paypal I get a different warning, a little red message not to send payment outside of fiverr but I ignore these.

Sometimes someone will use those words when they write to me too, and there’s nothing I can do about that.

I am not sure if it is a violation to have these words innocently in a sentence or not, it must not be.


I thought of the same thing yesterday, but in this particular case the review team will see it’s a false positive and will most likely remove any TOS warnings, if they’re added to begin with.

It’s interesting how they didn’t put a red message for the “outside of Fiverr” keywords :thinking: #trap


That one must be so bad they have to warn threaten more strongly.


Thanks for the replies

Staff passed my post through and removed the probation on the post. Sucks that I sent my buyer 2 messages that basically said the same thing back to back now, but I’ll live.


One of my standard replies get’s flagged on occasion, but after review it gets approved.

Basically the reply says.

“The gig you are requesting violates the terms of service on Fiverr, you will need to find resource outside of fiverr for this type of work, as nobody is permitted to do this type of project. Here is a link to the rules…”


Fiverr need better automated checks. eg. the check for “talk outside of Fiverr” should check if there is something like “I don’t” before it instead of just flagging it as possible TOS violation if the “talk outside of Fiverr” is within the message.


It’s tricky - someone could use double negation to get away with it - like “I not don’t talk outside Fiverr” :smiley:

And people would still get away with saying “I’m not like those who don’t talk outside Fiverr” :scream:


They could learn other common ones too. Basically if someone uses the phrase (or multiple people do) and the automated check incorrectly flags it, they can amend the flag (eg. add more conditions/phrases) to make it not do that in future. Adding the phrases to make it not automatically incorrectly flag them would make less work for support/the “trust & safety team” in future checking those incorrectly flagged comments.