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Comment on my gig images please

Please guys let me know if my gig images are worth getting clicked?


Yah this is Cool, If you will add a video or some human like the working with / digital marketing in your gig image , it will be more impressive


The thumbnails look decent! However I would check out websites like to get a better feeling on the typography you use. I personally don’t like the way you combined the fonts.


I see on one of your images it says “Fullproof” and I believe you mean to say “Foolproof”. And I would suggest that you get someone to optimize your writing into more readable content. For example “indexation” seems like a very awkward word to be using, but maybe that is just me.

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Will keep in mind your advice

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Got it bro, thanks for the feedback

Hi Hamed,

Your services are worth clicking for but your images don’t seem to be optimized for your needs.
I looked up some SEO in the buyer’s tab for reference and here are the things that you could do to make your images better to stand out some more.

What you did right:

  • The Turquoise color you write in isn’t used much which makes it stand out for being different.
  • You seem to have tried to apply the rule of thirds in order to improve your design.
  • You tried to make your images look fun and stylish

What you can improve upon:

  • fonts, The font’s you use are difficult to speed read. Stick with the main font’s recommended for legibility on the internet and don’t use more than 2 in your images for your gig images.

  • The font size does not translate well to the size of gig images in the search page. That makes the entire image illegible which will cause them to be skipped over. Test the designs for your images by 50% of their size in your browser. (Ctrl+mouse scroll for a quick check) If you got to concentrate to read them, then they’re of no use to you and your gig.

  • The scribbles you made in paint look like they’ve been made in Microsoft paint… They’re fun and playful but that doesn’t translate well to the sort of people I imagine being your client. It would be better to get some professional looking shapes in there that direct the attention to the most important keyword in your image without being obvious about it.

  • The background colors are rather dark… that’s a bit depressing when it’s just flat shaded. You could always select an appealing related image as your background and shade it in a darker color if you like that style. It just looks more interesting that way.

Your comprehensive site audit, image is dark blue. It’s a nice contrast and the shapes look pretty nice there. However, it doesn’t really look that appealing. The word comprehensive ends at the border of the image which looks a bit sloppy. The dark blue background might be more interesting as a shade for a related image behind it. (example a nice clean desk with your laptop running behind it.)

The Ultimate Keyword Research Solution on the other hand is plain black with a lot of words that feel off balance. The text also doesn’t flow. There’s also a lot of text in the background that I cannot read when I see a thumbnail of your gig. I recommend making your text short but to the point. Keep the color, but make the background to the text feel more expensive. Again, use a clean image of something related.

I also checked your entire gig page. You did a good job on the other two as well. The yellow one is flashy and to me creates a positive association with the for dummies series. Tough again, it’s a bit out of balance seeing as your light bulb gets cut off unintentionally.

The Blue WordPress one, looks flashy but appealing with the Swiss army knife in there. The order of the text feels a bit weird tough as if it’s in the wrong order. So try to play around a bit with the order of the words a bit to feel more natural and flow a little better.

All in all, I can see you zero’d in on some key elements that appealed to you and applied those features quite well. I hope my feedback helps you zero in on ways to improve your gig images further.

I hope your gig’s work out! :slight_smile:


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Brother I really appreciate your such in depth words. :heart: take love

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I will be working on the images as you’ve advised, thank’s again man

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Stylish and attracts attention. “Main strategy” slide has some weird fonts, though. I’d use the same ones you did on the 1st and 3rd slide of that gig.

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Removed that ‘WEIRD’ slide totally :sweat_smile:

Hey Hamed;

The yellow background / black font is very jarring (startling in a bad way) and hurts my eyes to read. If the person reading it has already landed on your page, you don’t need to, as we say in English, “beat a dead horse” (to keep making the same effort in a way that does not provide any additional benefits).

Another note, a mistake I see very frequently with foreign buyers, the words “contentS”, “textS” and “stuffS” do exist in the English language, but not the way I see them used in most foreign/translated text.

  • In English, contentS (with an S on the end) describes “the items inside something else.” It’s most commonly used for physical items you can touch, but sometimes it is used for intangible items, such as a “table of contents” on the first page of a book.

You would say, for example, “The contents of his pockets were a paper clip, a piece of gum, and a coin.

If we are referring to “more than one piece of digital content” like several articles, pictures, descriptions, or blogs, we simply use the word “content” as a plural without changing it. So, for example, we would use content like:

I like the content of your blog!” (I like all of the articles that appear on your blog)

Can you create content for my blog?” (Can you make a single article OR articleS for my blog? It means both!)

I know, it’s confusing, it’s even hard for me to explain and I speak English fluently! Perhaps someone else that understands what I mean here can contribute to my explanation here.

  • “StuffS” is, to us, the act of someone elseshoving something inside another thingin the future.

For example, "Elle will smile as she stuffs the turkey for Thanksgiving this year. or “Andy will have a lot of fun as he stuffs his family’s stockings this Christmas.

  • “TextS” is, to us, a verb that means to sent a text (SMS message) in the future or the way we refer to a group of text messages.

For example, “When Elle texts Andy tomorrow and lets him know Christmas is cancelled, he’s going to be devastated.” or “When Andy read Elle’s texts and discovered she was stuffing stockings with Gary, he got very angry.”

Again, much like content, “text” by itself works for a single word or many words together. If we needed to refer to several pieces of digital content, we usually wouldn’t use the word “text” unless we specifically needed to separate words from pictures, layouts, backgrounds, etc. Text is a bit formal in American English, you’d more often use “words” or, again, “content.”

Hope this helps!

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