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Commenting Gig denied

Hi everyone,
I am quite confused. Just now I created a gig in which I would write comments and reviews for the buyer’s product, blog or page. The second I posted it, it got denied and I had no other choice but to delete it. The reason it gave me? General ToS violation. Before this, I went to check out how many people I would be competing against and there was quite the amount of people with posts very similar to what I had written, just in their own style and with their own perks and whatnot. I went over the ToS and honestly am stumped over what I did wrong. I used my own logo that I created and did everything like I did for my other gigs, which are fine.

Anyone have any idea what happened, so I don’t waste another half an hour on a gig next time that will just get wiped?
Thanks ahead!

I would write comments and reviews for the buyer’s product, blog or page.

On Fiverr, we aren’t allowed to post product or service reviews in exchange for money.*

It sounds like the automated system might have flagged your Gig because you used the word review (or one of the other words that it doesn’t like).

*The reality is a tad more nuanced than I’m able to convey in a short post.


That makes sense. Thank you. I still didn’t use anything I didn’t see in the other posts or any of my other gigs. Oh well. Guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

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You’re welcome. The automated system is a funny animal. It catches some potential ToS violations instantly, while it misses others for years. As you can imagine, this frustrates and confuses people.

I’m sure if you recreated your Gig without the reviewing element, it’d probably stay live. Emphasis on the word probably. I’m never 100% sure of anything when it comes to Fiverr. :slight_smile:

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