Commenting on fiverr forum any help for sellers?


I am so curious…!!!

I have seen so many peoples who are very active on fiveer forum. Everyday they are leaving hundred of comments on it. But my question is that there is any real value by doing it. Any change in sales or something else?

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Hi @contentmachines!

The short answer is, I wouldn’t comment here just for the sake of commenting. These forums are to provide a community resource for buyers and sellers to help each other out. So if you find that you have nothing to say or contribute to a given thread, that’s okay - it could still be worthwhile just for you to read through.

Hope this helps!



For me, the forum is kind of like Fiverr’s water cooler. Until my town gets a co-working space, I’ll pretty much just be sitting by myself, in my home office, with my dogs. Not much human interaction there, so when I need a break from working, I hop over here and see if there are any discussions I might be able to add to.

If you’ve got an insight that no one else on the thread has shared yet, there’s no reason to share (unless sharing that insight is against the forum’s rules). And honestly, I have had some buyers say that they’ve seen me around the forums and I have had other sellers shuttle some work my way or I’ve shuttled some work their way, because if you spend some time bopping around here, you can kind of get to know the usernames of a couple of people and a feel for what they do.


@contentmachines According to the criteria for making Top Rated Seller, one of the intangible factors is “community leadership.” I take that to mean your useful and productive contribution to the forum. So, I pop in here everyday and leave my two cents worth on stuff that I think is important. Maybe it gets noticed, maybe it doesn’t. Only time will tell, I suppose. Good luck!


Hey contentmachines, the others answered your question.

I noticed your main gig has:

"★FREE BONUS★ Order 5 gigs and I’ll throw in the 6th one FREE!!! ($5 VALUE!) "

You’re free to do that, but personally, I don’t think it’s necessary. Buyers value quality, they’re not going to hire people just because they offer free stuff. You’re not selling chocolates here, you’re selling your time. Writing up to 500 words takes time.


@fastcopywriter I agree with you and in writing buyer really have concern because i saw very few writer who write well.

@contentmachines its always helpful to comment on forum when fiverr support team try to choose you for TRS . they see your involvement in Fiverr community that time this work will help. Just do proper comment without spamming it will help you allot.

and sometime helping to other really help you.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: Thanks for your opinion… But i have no problem with that.


Reply to @david388: Good to see you here. Thanks for your opinion…


Reply to @emasonwrites: I agree with u… Forum has a great value to represent u among their menmbers.!!!


Reply to @webtelly: Yes…“community leadership.” is an intabgible factor for making yourself as a top rated seller…That’s the point…Thanks bro…!!!


Reply to @mallika255: I agree with u… Forum is a best place to help each other.


Reply to @contentmachines: Just wait until you have 26 people in your queue AND have to do freebies. LOL


Reply to @fastcopywriter: I love the way you make me laugh at…Hahahahha…Ok.ok…Its ok…


Yes…“community leadership.” is an intabgible factor for making yourself as a top rated seller…That’s the point…Thanks bro…!!! -


i am agree with pankajkk. yes its very useful commenting on fiverr and helping other new comer etc.



Reply to @pankajkk: Thanks…Will see u there within short time…!!!


Reply to @abidagfx: Good to see you here… I have already pointed it out…


Well, for the people posting all over the forums like:

need high quality job ? check my awsome gig u will be amaze with FAST service…!!

It is negatively impacting their sales.


I would assume if buyers can’t take the time to read my gig description, they are probably not going to be reading on the forum. :slight_smile:

I am not aware of any direct impact on my sales, but I enjoy helping and encouraging people. You get a lot more enjoyment in life if you slow down and invest in the people around you.


I am with @emasonwrites about the virtual water cooler. I enjoy taking breaks from work to see what is new on the forum. It keeps me from feeling overwhelmed by tougher jobs. I’m also in a rural area and I temporarily can’t drive due to a medical issue so Fiverr provides me with both financial and social support. I love getting to know new people and forum regulars! I don’t think the forum helps me directly with sales but I have referred clients to other forum users and some have returned the favor.

What you should not do on the forum is make a comment and then add a link to your gigs. It fools no one and makes you look sneaky and desperate. Comment because you can really contribute but keep your advertising out of it.