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Commercial and broadcast rights on a case-by-case basis

Hi. While I understood this very helpful article here by matureactress on when a client needs to buy commercial and broadcast rights, some forms of voice over work I’m still not clear on.

What rights category does voice work for an escape room fall under? Commercial or broadcast?

Does it matter if the escape room is physical/in-person? Digital/a video game?

What license do podcast intros require?

Should I include them in the base price? (How would that help if a client truly doesn’t need commercial or broadcast and only needs basic rights? Create a basic-rights gig and a commercial/broadcast gig, I suppose.)

There are other questions, but those are the ones that jump out at me as I consider leaning into voice over work.




Broadcast (unless its a podcast that only plays inside a company, then commercial)

I recommend keeping them as gig extras.


We are here to help :slight_smile:


Hey, thanks, Logan. I’ll definitely return to ask more questions as they come to me.

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Hey there! You seem to be in the know for VO licenses. Can you tell me what license would be required for video games and radio plays? Thanks so much!

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