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"commercial licence"!

when a voiceover artist delivers your file, a message appears demanding you to pay extra 20$ to have a commercial licence for the delivered file.

Fiverr added this to all voiceover gigs “I guess” without the permission of the seller “I guess”, because when I asked a top rated seller about it, he said “ignore it, this is something fiverr added and I don’t require it, what I delivered is yours to keep and use however you want”.

The question is, if the sellers did not ask for this, who gets the 20$ ?

and why added this anyway if the seller did not ask for it ?

Now what used to be a basic 5$ order is now a basic 25$ order.

Any one have anwsers ??

Hi there!

So - from what I understand, the commercial license should be in the gig extras… something you add before checking out…

but it looks like you are saying – it tells you to add $20 AFTER you have made the purchase? This is good to know - because I’m a VO artist - and I hate to think that my clients are getting a negative experience like this… ?

Sorry - this is not really an answer… other than, I THINK it’s up to the seller, not fiverr, to request a license… ? It’s BRAND NEW today - so they are still working out the details, I"m sure!

Hi, I don’t think the seller can do anything about it, not sure.

But the seller I used to work with, is a top rated seller here for a long time, and he told me that he does not need that it’s just something that fiverr added.

the message does not appear after you purchase, it appears after the seller delivers and asks for 20$, believe me I’ve never hated a message like i hated that one in my life.

it was like " listen, here’s your order, but you can’t use it, pay 20$ to use it".

and yes I would love to know if it’s up to the seller to add that or fiverr.

I’ve just visited my seller’s gig now, and he removed it, I think at first it was added automatically and the seller has the option to remove it.

We have been notified of the license as TRS and if you have gigs in the categories which allow it. IT IS NOT REQUIRED. Sellers can turn this off or on. Personally, I will not use it because 1) Permissions are included with my gig. 2) Fiverr takes their standard commission… So Fiverr is involved in the licensing?? lol I DON’T THINK SO!!!

No way I’m giving fiverr 20% to license my work.

If a seller has it selected, and either didn’t tell you prior or won’t deliver otherwise. Cancel it and get your refund. The addition of this and of the in order add-on extras will help fiverr revenue, but will deter more buyers from even wanting to enter the order page as there are numerous unethical sellers who are abusing these already.

Fiverr wants commission on everything, as a salesman, they should. However, the option is completely up to the seller to add-on

DTong (TRS)

Thank you for clearing that, it’s really un-necessary, the seller can add it as an extra if he wants to, no need for fiverr to add it as a message after the delivery, making buyers confused, and they might ask for cancelation and make problemes with the sellers.