Commercial License Agreement?



The illustrator offers his work for commercial use and I want to know how do I receive their permission for commercial use of their work. Am I automatically provided a document after gig is completed with seller’s declaration and signature that permits commercial use?

How does this work on Fiverr? Thanks.


See the terms of service page:

Buyers are granted all rights for the delivered work, unless otherwise specified by the seller on their Gig page. Note: some Gigs charge additional payments (through Gig Extras) for Commercial Use License. See our “Ownership” and “Commercial Use License” sections below for more information.

You don’t get a document after the gig is completed with the seller’s declaration and signature (at least that’s not normally how it works).


How does it normally work if you don’t mind me asking?

And thanks for clarifying how it is on Fiverr.


Unless specified otherwise in the gig (and unless the “commercial use rights” are listed as an additional extra), you automatically get full rights to the final delivered product, eg. the right to use that delivered product commercially.

If the “commercial use rights” are listed as an additional extra, if you select that extra when purchasing you get the commercial use rights after purchasing (some gigs like voice-overs also have a “full broadcast rights” option I think).

You don’t get a document saying you have commercial use or a signature from the seller. Though the order history should (I think) show that you purchased that commercial use extra if you did (if it was an additional extra).

See the terms of service page and the “Commercial Use License” and “Ownership” sections within it.


Unfortunately, as said above, you get nothing in writing.

If seller goes out of business or closes shop, there is no way for you to contact them. There is no written contract of any kind for you to present to a 3rd party or in court of law.

Since, it is against rules to communicate outside 5r, you won’t be able to get sellers legal name. The country of his/her origin may not agree with the laws of your country.

In other words, look for a seller who doesn’t have commercial use license. I paid for it 3 times and got nothing in return - no security, no contract, nada, zip, zero.


@gina_riley2 What uk1000 said doesn’t hold up? You have order history and if anything you can prove with that order receipt?


I agree with uk1000.