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Commercial License extra - Do I Press the Issue?

Ok, so I am a voice over artist here on Fiverr, have been for three years (actually fiverr is what got me started in voice overs, thank you!) and I have numerous gigs and tons of returning customers.

Recently, a gig extra appeared called commercial license which I think is a great idea! After all, if people are going to be making money off of my work, I think I should totally get a cut! Sometimes, when people order voice mails for example, it is hard for me to tell whether it is for a legitimate business, or if they are third party selling my recording to someone else. All it takes is a few orders for me to see that they are definitely doing that, but still failing to select the commercial license extra. Unfortunately, I have let it slide for a few of my very faithful clients. I am scared that if I ask for it, they will not return again. What should I do? Do any of you have troubles with this? And if you do, what should I say?

Welcome to THE Fiverr problem. There are buyers here will resell your work as their own without a moments hesitation. If you enforce the commercial license rule then you will almost certainly lose their custom so your options are quite limited. If they order with you a lot, then you probably will just have to live with it. Only press the commercial license issue if you can afford to lose them as a regular client. Either way, make it known in your gig description that commercial use will require the commercial license.

I don’t really know a lot about voice over economy, but if I were to purchase a voice over for commercial use, I would love to purchase from the ones with no extras charges for the commercial license extra (Yes, there are still some – I also see some Top Rated Sellers do not use that extra either). But that’s what’s amazing with Fiverr you have the choice on your rates and what extras you put in. If you feel more comfortable placing the commercial license extra, feel free to do so and stand your ground. If they were your clients since the very beginning (as in perhaps one of your first few buyers when you were still a new seller), maybe you can give them a special discount? But of course only to the select few, and make it clear to them that “hey you’re one of my best longtime buyers, I’ve just added a commercial license extra but I can give you a discount on etc etc. since you were etc. etc.” Then you can apply and stand firmly on your commercial license extra for your other clients (Such as recent and future clients).

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