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Commercial License Use

Hello everyone! I’m new here on Fiverr and I have a question regarding “Commercial license use”. When I’m going to offer this service as an extra (category: Background removal), what does it mean? Should I give to my clients a commercial license?
I’m thankful to anyone, who can help me with this problem.


I believe commercial license use means that they can use that image anywhere without recovering a copyright infringement.

Since the service that you provide is background removal, adding a commercial license use extra seems unnecessary. The buyers are providing you with the pictures that they need the background removed for, so those are their own pictures. If they want to use it somewhere, that’s up to them.

Also, a negative side to offering commercial license use would be that if the buyer stole their picture from the internet somewhere and wants to use it on their ads, you would be “giving” them commercial usage for that image once you remove the background. And when the buyer gets in trouble for using that image, they could simply say that you have them commercial usage.

I’m not sure if that really made sense because it was kinda long lol, but I hope that helps!

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