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Commercial License

Hi Guys,

yesterday one buyer ordered a gig for 5$ .

When I delivered the project than he added commercial use gig extra to the order .

And now the order is of 20$.

The thing I want to know is what should I do or give the buyer which includes commercial rights for the project.

Though the project includes simple text animation without any copyright music or anything.

So I don’t know what should I do so that the buyer can get commercial use license for the project.

Any help on this will be appreciated …thanks

I recommend that you ask customer support, just like I told the designer who recently asked the same question.

I also think Customer Support is your best bet. Personally, if I didn’t have an idea in mind about how I want to use the Commercial License option, I would disable it on my gigs. Since Fiverr enabled it by default when they added it, I understand that there are sellers who don’t know what to do with it, so that bounces it back to CS.