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Commercial purposes

Up until now, i really don’t know what buyer can use of my drawing if i allow the commercial use
But none of them will buy my service if i don’t do that


Commercial purposes means that they can use it any where they want. They can make big banners on the street with your design, or they can use it on their website (basically anything like that).

Your potential buyers probably want commercial usage rights because they want to use those drawings for your company or maybe for an event.

If you make all of your designs originally without any images from the internet, then you should include a commercial license.

I hope this helps! Thanks!


My understanding of commercial use is buyers using your drawings for financial gain. For example, using your drawings to sell a product of their own (e.g. T-shirts). If they use your drawings to promote their own business it is of course commercially used, but they do not profit from it directly by using your drawings. In this sense, your drawings are a means to an end rather than being part of the sold product.

What I’ve done on my gig is include the definition of commercial use in my FAQ as well as a question in the requirements. When they want to commercially use it for financial gain, I ask an additional fee. By doing this I take away any miscommunication and basically give my ownership to the buyer & they can use it to make money.

Hope this was helpful in any way!


Thank you for your explanation and suggestion!


Thank you for the insight I’ll consider to do the same!