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Commercial rights illustration low resolution

How is possible the seller to sale a illustration with commercial rights with low resolution? I paid for that illustration and I send my illustration to be printed on my tshirts, guess what? The factory said the quality will be not good because the illustration is with 72 dpi. Should be all commercial rights came with high resolution? I lost my money because its more than 14 days, to cancel my order and refund. I gave good feedback to seller. I asked to seller to fix she said, I am sorry my scan does not working!!! Was 2 orders!!!

I don’t think that there’s anything that you can do. I would’ve said contact the seller, but you did that. I guess that you can take this as a learning experience. I would try using it somewhere else if you have a way to do that?

Did the seller say what the resolution would be before she did the job?
If not then she can do it whatever resolution she wants.
It was up to you to be sure first what resolution it would be and know what to ask for.

You can assume all commercial rights come with any illustration you get here unless they ask for an extra fee for it.