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Commercial Rights on royalty free videos

Hello Guys

I recently bought a video clip made for my products, the creator did an amazing job, however, i am a bit concerned about the Commercial Right of the video because i am intend to use it on our website/online store etc .

All the video used were from storyblock .com (Royalty Free)

Should i be concerned about the commercial right ?

I appreciate any help / clarification



Honestly very confused as to why you wouldn’t just subscribe to Storyblocks directly, but yes you should be concerned.

Storyblocks clearly states that you can’t resell their content under ‘User Conduct’ of their Terms of Use, so whoever sold you this technically isn’t allowed to do so.

Secondly, their Royalty Free License Agreement in its very first point says that the license is only for the individual owner of the account.

So, all that being said the license clearly isn’t transferrable.

YCImaging on YouTube has a lot of videos sponsored by Storyblocks, so you can probably find a discount code from his videos to subscribe to Storyblocks instead of going to very pointless middle man.

As a stock video creator I know that stock video (from Storyblocks or any agency) can’t be resold ‘as is’ but if it’s used as part of another production (a short clip or as a background), that seller (and you) have the commercial right to use and publish the produced video on your website.

Do make sure the seller obtained the stock content legally (i.e. paid for them either via subscription or on-demand).

If you’re really worried, I suggest contacting Storyblocks to ask them.

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no you dont have to worry about it at all. im a video editor here on fiverr and i have used thousands of storyblock stock footages for many fiverr projects. not only me, there are many sellers including top rated sellers who do the same. please see the below image

here is the link to their lisence agreement

the subscriber cant sell them individually (reference in agreement - ‘standalone stock files’) but they have full rights to sell (reference in agreement - ‘distributed commercially’) a project made with stock footages.(reference in agreement - ‘final project’)
Hope This Clarifies