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Commercial Rights Question

I know this is probably been asked about before, But I have been looking through the previous threads and nothing directly answers my question (either that or im so confused by it that people dont make sense)

Here is the question:
If I purchase a drawing/image and I purchase commercial rights, Can I then use/edit that drawing/image in my own work and then resell it?


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Yes, sometimes it is for a lifetime, sometimes it is for limited period, you can use it,edit it, re use it or even resell it


Thank you for replying. Another similar question is, if it ends up on my portfolio as part of a sale on fiverr, is this also okay? or should I refrain from putting it onto my gig portfolio

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Same as before, if you have commercial rights, you have full rights to do so, but when it gets to Fiverr team, sometimes they take action without consulting.

My suggestion is, please modify it before using.

In one word - yes you are allowed