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Committing Fraud?

I have requested a logo be created for my company. I have paid a lot of just looked AGAIN and verified Fiver is taking money out of my bank account but I have not had a successfully created one yet. Im tired of sticking mopney in and getting nothing out… any suggestions buyers? please help!

So you purchased a gig for a logo design, and the buyer did not send you anything?

Or are you saying that you are trying different logo designers, buying a gig from each seller and the design they give you is something you do not like visually?

You can contact me and share your project details with me. May be i can do some thing for you to make you satisfied from fiverr.

Have you had contact with a seller? If they’re blowing you off - meaning they’re not responding to your messages and the due date for the project has passed - submit for a mutual cancellation. You can do this by clicking the Resolution Center tab on the order. If the seller accepts the cancellation or does not respond within 3 days, you’ll get your money back.

If a buyer is closing an order out as delivered but not actually giving you anything, that’s fraud. Report them to Fiverr.

There are tons of great designers on Fiverr. Look for one with lots of good reviews.