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Common Buyer Mistakes

Hello and I am back with more helpful tips…

So I read many comments on articles about how customers are unhappy with a gig they purchased. I wanted to provide a few helpful tips to buyers.

  1. Make sure you read 100% of the gig details. This is probably the #1 mistake from buyers. If you need a project completed from a seller, always read their gig details and then contact the buyer. Most of the time your answers can be can found within the gig details if they provided good information. All gigs may not reflect the style you want or need for your project.

  2. Review the sellers images, work, content reviews and so on. If you are unsure about the quality of work or do not think they are the best fit, you should probably continue looking for that right seller. You can always “Save” the gig and review it later. (Example: If you are looking for a graphic designer, review the work, the quality, reviews, etc… If everything looks like a good fit, then you probably found your match!)

  3. If you provided the seller with very specific information on how you require your project to be processed and the work provided is not as you would like, contact the seller for a revision. (Review gig details for policy on work). Each gig vary will on the amount of revisions you will receive. (If you failed to provide specific information to the seller, you could result in purchasing another gig for completion; but not in all cases).

  4. Always be professional. Sellers work hard to provide quality work. No matter the outcome, always be professional. If you have a situation that needs attention, you can always refer to customer care for help. They have always provided me with excellent service within 24hrs or so.

    These are just a few basic examples I wanted to help Buyers with an Excellent Experience on Fiverr! With just a few key reminders, your level of experience can be so much more…

    Visit my gigs and get a better experience from a professional :slight_smile:

I seriously agree with what is written here, and would like to add my 2-cents.

1 cent) Everyone on Fiverr is not professional. To some, $5 is not much - so what they give for $5 is not much. As with everything, there is the good and the bad. Unfortunately, you must spend $5 to find out which is which, since there are no free samples. Caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) is just as important on Fiverr as it is anywhere else.

2 cent) Sellers are not gods. You should not enter an agreement thinking that you will get the best there is for practically next to nothing. I know most of the sellers do their best (Yes, I’ve encountered a few that are questionable and one or two that are down-right rip-off artists!), but they can not cater to your every whim (and for as little as $5 why should they?)

I’ve added these points because is seems that a big sore spot with sellers on this forum is complaints of buyers giving unwarranted negative comments and feedback, unprovoked hassling, and unnecessary cancellations. I presume (and I doubt I am wrong) that the top reason people buy on Fiverr is because of the price. Indeed, the old saying “You get what you pay for” is true on Fiverr; but in many cases the sellers give more than what you pay for. A good buyer will understand these things and take it all into consideration when making a purchase.

@sebastianmedia @dikosay

100% agreed with you.

So by these notes, you are not giving a chance to a new gigs to work then !! Until they have a high rates after years and years :slight_smile:

nice tips

I think number one common buyer mistake is to not contact seller before order!

I think one of the biggest mistakes sellers make are not doing their homework. I think the buyer sometimes just clicks on the first Gig they see offering what they want. Buyers should check out several if not many sellers offering the services the desire.

I have a Gig where I write stories and have had many buyers come to me to ‘fix’ other peoples writing which is annoying to me because I would have much preferred to actually write the story in the first place!

nice tips thanks :slight_smile:

When contacting a seller, and discussing your needs, if they offer you a “deal”, BEWARE… Because I agreed to an offer, as I’m new to fiverr, paid the $20 he quoted me for a rush delivery, but got it 5 hours too late. Now I’m trying to get a refund… I’m praying customer service can view all our conversations, see that he lied about the time he claims he sent it, and see that it was in fact, 5 hours too late for my PowerPoint intro… ( I ordered a video clip to insert on the first slide, to be more creative). I will be reading all rules, agreements, and policies with a fine-tooth comb!!! Beginners, do the same, because their are some dishonest people, who know they are scamming you. If their isn’t a gig extra button to prove what you were promised & paid for, it’s a tough lesson to swallow! ( any advice for reaching customer support?.. I’m already beating myself up for being so gullible, so please, no unnecessary comments… I know I was stupid, yet my desperation lead me down the wrong path.) also… He claimed he sent it at 1pm, but I didn’t get it until 8pm. He blamed fiverr, and said the delivery process can get backed up… Is this true, or AN EXCUSE? Any chance of me seeing justice prevail?