Common mistakes that new sellers make


following are the mistakes that new sellers normally make.
1/they do not use professional language.
2/they do not remain online for at least 6 hours.
3/and specially they do not reply to all the buyer requests in timely.
here is the result of above tips


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Thanks for the sharing with us!!


Common, what’s with this new wave that everyone keeps posting tips which aren’t useful.

Now I will use a couple of counter-arguments which would reveal that you don’t even follow those tips.

  1. They do not use professional language

This is from your own gig description "Hey…!!! if you are looking for an eye catchin"

Last time I checked, using the word “Hey” in a gig description wasn’t the best choice. Plus, you are using a street jargon “catchin’” while if you want to be professional it should be “eye-catchy”.

Moving to your profile description "freelancer since 2 years."

Have you been working as a freelancer since you were two years? At least that’s how I understood your statement.

Well, we are humans, and by default, we have physical needs that we should fulfill.

There are buyers which are spammers. So, should I respond to them immediately?


Humans can work for 12 hours at least each day.
And for using word hey is not an unprofessional word although is is not a professional one,and lastly,I don’t understand what’s the professional difference between Catchy and catching. I don’t wana argue but I have shared what I have observed and which has improved my work I am not forcing anybody to follow what I have shared.


“Cathin” is what you had written. I don’t argue neither, however, what I have said was for your own good use.


I don’t think there should be any arguments in this. All I know is that you stick with what you think works best for you. If you’re using Catchy or catching and it works for you and buyers don’t give you any complaint, then why wasting your time having issues with other people’s opinion?


I don’t see the issue, @gig_freak is just making and observation/opinion about that @ashley_riverra is giving those tips but they are not reflected on her gig.

As for the main topic, some of those tips are useul but no one should rely on just waiting a buyer request response, or waiting for someone to find your gig.


Keep sharing and Inspring us. Thank you very much for your kindness.