Communicate with sellers before buying high priced packages


There have been many times that I have taken over what another seller on Fiverr started to finish the work. The reason for most of them is that they hired someone prior that did not have a clear understanding of the task at hand. This has especially happened with my USA buyers that selected people located in other countries.

Fiverr has talented people all over the world and there is nothing wrong with purchasing their gigs as long as there is a clear understanding of what you are expecting. Communication barriers can be hard on both parties.

My recommendation is simple. Before you purchase a higher priced gig, just shoot a message to the seller and see if they can communicate back with you and understand exactly what you are wanting. Just a few messages back and forth can save a lot of time and prevent frustration later. This is not just for USA buyers, but all of them should try to communicate with the seller. This can also give you a good idea at how responsive a seller is.


Dear Mary:

I concur.

I would add that it can’t hurt to purchase a $5 gig before making a larger purchase.

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That is a good idea too! :slight_smile:


This may happen, increase your revision work then ;). That’s why I let it unlimited for client for revisions.


I wouldn’t actually recommend unlimited revisions for 2 reasons:

  • Eventually you’ll get a buyer who will take an advantage of this.
  • If the seller can’t it right with 4-5 revisions then most likely they aren’t good at what they do or the buyer has trouble explaining their requirements. Either way it becomes a waste of time for both sides.

I usually promise 1-2 revisions. If I see that misunderstanding was on my side then I can always make an exception and do additional revisions. So far I’ve never had to do a second revision.

As OP said, buyers should talk to the sellers before hiring. This will ensure you don’t need unlimited revisions.


My gig is on animation so client must have unlimited revision to hai the desire result. And yes it take me only 2 to 3 revisions to make the client good


It’s up to you if you wish to give them unlimited revisions, but if you discuss project details before delivering then they shouldn’t need more than 2-3 revisions.

So I wouldn’t recommend this, but of course, each seller should decide themselves.
Just wanted to add a second opinion for the newbies reading this post :wink:


thankyou uxreview … it was a great help :slight_smile: