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Communicating outside Fiverr


I joined fiverr about 15 days ago and I created my first gig. I decided to promote my gig with twitter and emails, that worked and I got some orders. Today I read the TOS and I noticed that we can’t communicate with emails or other externals services.

I usually talk with my customers with emails and then, if they want to buy, I send them my fiverr link. They are not registered on fiverr so for them is completely new. And they always gave me order info with email so I deleted “Buyer Information” because I don’t need it.

Is that forbidden? Because I don’t give them my email on fiverr. I talk to them with email and THEN I gave them the link on fiverr. Also fiverr says that I have to promote and share my gig outside fiverr.

Every time I ask them to send me information on fiverr it’s painful, they don’t understand how do it and they just send me information on email because it’s easier.

How can I solve this situation?


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I think it’s not against TOS, basically you’re sending them to fiverr although they could just pay you directly, so you’re doing a good thing for Fiverr. Nope, they shouldn’t complain.

I don’t think you should worry about that. That rule is more against offering clients personal information THROUGH Fiverr (so no skype/e.mail or anything else in the messages you write on Fiverr). Like Ynneblack just mentioned, you are bringing clients to Fiverr so they should be happy:)

Reply to @ynneblack: I think the same thing, I’m just bringing them new clients, so it shouldn’t be a problem, but I just want to stay out of troubles

Reply to @cristinaghy: Thanks for the reply, yes I think the same thing




From the Fiverr Terms of Service…

  • To protect our users’ privacy, user identities must be kept anonymous. Requesting or providing Email addresses, Skype/IM usernames, telephone numbers or any other personal contact details (other than your name) to communicate outside of the Fiverr network is not permitted.

  • All communications, information and file exchanges must be performed exclusively using Fiverr’s messaging system.
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Reply to @voiceoverwork:

Yes I agree. But if I, personally, find a client on Facebook/Twitter or wherever I advertise my gigs and establish a connection in order to direct them on how to make an account on Fiverr? Once there, I agree all communication should be done via Fiverr. Better safe than sorry!

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Reply to @voiceoverwork: Ok, Thanks. I will try to do in this way in the next orders. But is very difficult to convince a customer that is used to talk on email (that is far more usable and easy that the fiverr system) to talk on this website. And most of them use their mobile phone and always says “I can’t write” or “It won’t let me write”, I spend about a day trying to make them write on Fiverr. I haven’t received an order from the fiverr search yet but I already got 15 orders with emails, so if I stop doing that I stop working. Should I contact the customer support?

Many thanks

Yes it’s not saying you can’t advertise or look for Buyers outside of Fiverr and then funnel them to your Fiverr gig. It says you cannot share or display contact information methods that exclude Fiverr, or direct Buyers elsewhere to Buy, or negotiate Fiverr work off Fiverr. Your “Fiverr Gig” is supposed to be available “Exclusively on

I have paid for my gig - getting a website completed. I need (want) to have a phone call with the person doing the gig.
He says exchanging phone numbers is not allowed. I have already paid and we need to communicate:)

Is this allowed?

Today my level was demoted due to communication outside Fiverr.

Now as a coach I need to communicate with clients via call or Zoom or email l, what will be the effective option with this TOS rule?