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Communicating with buyers in other languages

I have several buyers who are native speakers of my own language (Norwegian). Would you say it’s a good idea to communicate in my native language with these buyers, rather than English, or is this something that could result in problems?

I can imagine if a dispute is not solved and CS needs to investigate, they will have a problem with this if the conversation has been in Norwegian rather than English. At the same time, it’s much easier to many of them and me to communicate in our native language if the buyers English is limited. Can help avoid so many problems where the language barrier can be a problem.

Many Norwegians have an OK vocabulary, but they miss the nuances of the English language a lot.

Any opinions?

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I speak German with buyers from German-speaking countries; if I’d speak English they might think I’m one of those people who sell google translations and don´t even speak the language their gig claims they are a native speaker of. :wink:

To me, the possibility of maybe having a dispute some day isn’t worth the awkwardness of two people who are both at home in the same language talking business in another language, especially if you think it helps avoiding misunderstandings in actually happening conversations. YMMV.


I agree. It increases the trustworthiness and understanding between buyer and seller.

Well, I think you should communicate in your own language. :slight_smile: If Fiverr wouldn’t want that, they wouldn’t publicly write on your profile which languages you are speaking, I guess. :smile:


I communicate with some buyers in Serbian. It feels really weird to talk to other Serbs in English. :smiley:


Talking in a language which is more closer to buyer matter I mean It make buyers more relaxed and It is also helpful in convincing the buyers. On the other hands as international freelancers we should follow the international language I mean formal language should be use on fiverr and it will be also helpful in case of any problem.

So yeah! That’s how I think. I am new on fiverr you seem more professional and experienced.