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Communication barriers preventing deliveries


It gets so tiring trying to always get a response back from buyers who order a 24-hour deliveries but provide incomplete & unusable information :pensive:

A buyer made a huge order (I was so happy!), but then saw that the info was incomplete, and the site he gave was inaccessible, both of which make it impossible for me to deliver :unamused:

I sent him a message explaining that, he came online, but didn’t want to respond. Did that again later in inbox, he came online, still didn’t want to respond.

8 hours later, I request a cancellation because I didn’t have enough time anymore and I can’t work with unresponsive clients, he comes back online, still doesn’t want to respond.

If you come to me and request a 24-hour delivery, I expect the same from you, to respond to my messages and on time as well. Where I’m from, it’s called client-provider communication!

What’s wrong with people nowadays? For this isn’t an isolated case, it happens too often and it annoys me so badly for having to always send messages and beg for a response so that I can deliver. Losing faith here :cry:


Why you selecting cancelation??
It was buyer problem he didnt responds.
If i were that position i will select not responding


The buyer provided incomplete information, and didn’t respond back when asked to send the info.

The buyer provided a site that cannot be accessed, so I cannot deliver for something that doesn’t work.

The buyer gave me 24 hours to work with all the above impossible info, yet he didn’t have the courtesy of saying anything at all even though he keeps coming online, leaving me with no time to deliver the impossible. (and yes, his time zone shows it’s day time on his side of the world)

So yeah, what other choices do I have except request a cancellation? And still no response to that, either.


What a lol
A site that cant be access!! lol
Maybe he mistakenly copy and paste
And fly away. Lol…


No, his site apparently works only in the U.S., yet he orders from a Romanian (in Europe) buyer where he forbids access to his site :rage:


The same happened to me, about a month ago. I couldn’t access the buyer’s provided website. When I sent him a message, asking for a valid URL, he got furious, saying that I just wanted to get out of a late delivery (I messaged him 12 hours before the delivery time). I simply reported him to the CS.


I know I couldn’t be the only one going through these annoying situations, but that just made me more furious :smiley:


Yes, few days ago Buyer bought my GIG for Fixing HTML and CSS bugs of his website. But he provided my XML files, I said I need HTML files but he said that “I don’t know what is HTML and XML! :confused:” So only option was to cancel that project.
My GIG title is “I will fix your HTML & CSS bugs” but still without noticing that buyer placed order!


I’m confused!!!
so i think the problem is "HOSTING"
what hosting they using?
and why other country are not allowed to access it?

i think they are using free version of hosting.
which s limited to other countries and visitor.


I travelled and currently traveling to a country that blocks almost everything, and I saw people using websites which I couldn’t access and I asked how, and I was told to use VPN, maybe that is what you need to do to be able to have access to the site, that is if you actually want to proceed with this project though working with unresponsive client might not be a good idea.

Good luck.


Unfortunately, people don’t think ahead, like they should. I have read so many other sellers with same issues.

Poor excuse, but people order without much thought. They see you have nice gigs, great review and say to themselves, “Hey, I want that for _________ (business/personal).” They get to the requirements page and realize they don’t have answers to your question.

They go offline without even considering they paid for 24 hour delivery. They have every (good) intention of getting you the answer in a few minutes, go off do something else, before they know it 23 hours have passed.

They see your question, but don’t have answer. After awhile, they forget and don’t care.

You, on the other hand, do care, your timer is ticking.

Money is nothing but a perceived value. $20 maybe considered lot for one buyer but not for another, while someone else will drop $200 without much thought.