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Communication between seller and buyer needs improvement

I just completed a purchase and was not able to discuss with the seller how exactly and when exactly my gig would be delivered. The email I received saying it was completed only had one option should have contained multiple files. No way to communicate so submitted HELP ticket to FIVERR - no response. So I am hesitant to buy again if I cannot get the products I paid for or any means of resolution.

When you purchase a gig you can have conversation with the seller on the gig order page. And for ““when exactly my gig would be delivered”” #thegigshowswhenitwillbedelivered when you see the gig before you click order now.

The current fiverr inbox is great and very professional compared to a full chat system like facebook. That may be good to chat with people but here on fiverr we are professional service providers and because of that it may be unprofessional to use a chat box system.

Fiverr provides the communication channels, either on the order which remains open for 3 days after the seller delivers and gives you the opportunity to ask about missing, or wrong, files or deliverables, or through the message system. If the seller fails to deliver or communicate with you, that’s a different issue. If communication is key for you, you can always check out how responsive a seller is likely to be by communicating with them through messages before ordering.