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Communication For my Jobs

I need Video chat for fiveer because I dont know these people but I need them for content and to post their content on my website. I need a social media manager to access my social media accounts. I don’t want to give a random person who does not understand what i’m saying via text because its easily misconstrued. We do it all the time when texting family and friends and our English is perfect so how do i seriously know that the nigerian can really understand what im telling him/her via text. For some reason when i bring up the point of video call for my gigs i always get a response of fiveer policy and have been threatened to be banned? I think this is a great service but I need some clarity and some solutions as to how i can increase workflow thanks.

That’s because contact outside of Fiverr is strictly forbidden. Any seller who accepts what you’re asking would get permanently banned.


You can’t use video. There is no way around this.

It isn’t fair to a seller to take up their time with video. It’s nothing you can’t write in a scope. You need it all in writing anyway for the order details, which function as a contract.

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