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Communication Frustration


I’m having some trouble communicating with a seller and it’s incredibly frustrating. This is my first time trying to purchase something on Fiverr. The seller is communicative but either is not listening to what I’m saying or is just outright not understanding, and I’m not sure how to make things more clear.

I’m purchasing a logo. She sent me two options…in my chat, the first one that showed up was, I did not notice at the time, titled logo two. It was a logo involving a multi-colored hairstyle. The second logo was a simple eye. I preferred what, to me, was the first logo with the hair and I replied:

"I’m liking the first one. I’d say remove the hair from the right side(our right, when looking at the logo) that has the yellow. And shorten the other side, basically the blue bit on the bottom and stop at the green. Then it would actually almost look like my RL hairstyle. Otherwise, I like the font and the colors. "

Seller responded Ok, and a while later “delivered” my logo…which was the one with the eye. I requested a modification and apologized for the seeming miscommunication…

"Hello! I think there may have been a miscommunication! The chat showed the logo with the hair as the first one and that was the one I was interested in, not the eye. I wasn’t paying attention to the logo names but that’s why I was talking about hair. :slight_smile:

To reiterate what I meant for the shown logo with the hair, the modifications I mentioned were removing the hair on the side with the yellow in it(which is on the right side when looking at the logo) and keeping the top as is, and shortening the hair on the left side with the removal of the last couple ‘strands’ as that would actually make it very close to my actual hair. :)"

The seller responded ‘okay’ and showed me a picture of the logo…which had simply been changed to all blond hair. At this point I was confused and starting to get frustrated. I told her the hair color wasn’t the issue, and downloaded the sample picture she originally sent me and circled the two areas on the logo I was talking about wanting removed, sent the picture

“The circled areas are the areas I mean. Remove the bottom area and the larger area to the side to change the shape of the hair style while keeping the colors. Hope that gets it across more clearly :)”

She responded in the affirmative and re-sent a photo of the new logo…with nothing really changed. And at this point I’m at a loss at what to do, I like the direction she has but she’s not understanding my directions, and I can’t figure out how to get them across more clearly.

Super frustrated right now, having a hard time responding to the seller at the moment because I don’t even know what to say, and this hasn’t been a good first experience, even though the seller is being quite nice, it’s just…the communication is not happening.

Anyone have any suggestions? Should I give up at this point?


It appears the seller has gone out of sync. Whether it is deliberate or not, I don’t know. It happens sometimes (for both reasons).

This sounds quite clear :

Maybe they misread, it or maybe they were in a hurry, or maybe they are trying to signal that they are not willing to provide revisions. (How many revisions does their gig description mention?)

Just resend the message and ask them “these are the changes I need, can you offer a revision?”. Get a YES/NO answer out of them and decide your further course of action.


3 revisions. The seller hasn’t been horrible, it’s just the communication has been rough, lol. I finally photoshopped it myself and sent it to them to show what I meant and it looks like we’re getting it now, lol. But gosh, it wasn’t easy!


So it all worked out well in the end then.


Yes, thankfully it worked out! It was just a matter of getting what I meant across. My words weren’t working and the first picture attempt didn’t work either, but my last desperation attempt did, so I’m happy.

I just needed to vent my frustration at the same time and let it out, lol. End result, they got my vision and I left them 5 stars because they WERE trying.


Glad it worked out ok.
I am not in graphic design of any kind but I think what you said may have been a little confusing. If the seller was not a native English speaker then they may have struggled with it. I have found that breaking sentences up works well and when giving instructions try breaking it into numbered points or steps. This can help as it is simpler for them to understand and follow and for any who are using Google translate it will be translated better with shorter, unconnected sentences.


Seems Seller is not familiar with English language amd English environment.


I’ve had a similar situation but the other way around, the seller could not clearly explain what he wanted, and I had to send sooooo many messages back and forth to understand his vision for his logo.
When I asked him something like “So would you like this, this and this, OR that, that and that?” and he would answer "Yes."
Uuuuh…not helping.

I think he ordered 10 gigs from me, I eventually had to beg him to stop ordering from me because of this problem…
I’m glad you got it figured it out in the end, but if you are going to ask for other gigs in the future, it might be a good idea to cancel before things get out of hand, or try sending several messages first to check the seller’s communication/English skills. :slight_smile: