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Communication is king

As a seller and a buyer on fiverr I have found that communication levels are much lower than I would expect. Having worked in many industries over a long period of time I know the value of communication, but it doesn’t always exist on fiverr. Here are my tips-

As soon as you get an order through, send them a message. Even if it is a quick “thank you. I’ll get back to you soon.” The void of communication makes buyers nervous.

Read the gig instructions as soon as possible and ask questions if you son’t totally understand. The idea that is in the buyers head may not come thorough on paper very well. This will clear up misunderstanding, stop any revisions and protect your ratings.

If it is a long job then don’t just go away and forget to communicate. If you have an order that is 10 days plus then send little updates so the buyer doesn’t think you have forgotten them.

As I say, communication is king.


Totally agree. It’s not hard to send some acknowledgement of an order, you can even set up a quick response! You write it once and after that it takes seconds to select it and post.

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Absolutely agree. we can shorten the gap between Seller and Buyer with it, we can also start to build a trust with buyer as a seller. It’ll maintain a good relationship and of course by the time, Buyer will see us as a dependable seller IMHO.


I agree with you.

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This is much batter for communication with buyers

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Your absolutely Right :slight_smile: Best Communication is Key of success !

Yes, you are right. Thank you for reminding.

I often miss its communication with buyers and lead to misunderstanding

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Dear sir pales work me .

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Totally agree.

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Im a bit confused since I meet all these ”requirements” that help getting more orders and it seems that no matter what I do nothing is working out for me.


I have been a buyer on Fiverr for almost 1.5 years now and I have never been more frustrated with the lack of communication by the sellers I have placed orders with in the past 2 weeks.

It took 2 days out of a 4 day job just for the seller to acknowledge my recent order.

I am at the point that not using this service in the future is a foregone conclusion.

Never give up. I’ve had a look at your profile and you create great stuff. You just need to keep promoting it on social media and pushing the boundaries.

Totally agree! Answering buyer’s inquiry within an hour increases seller chance of being hired… Communication is extremely important.

thanks for this great tip!

Thank you for the support !

great idea

yes i agree with this Because My Most of the Customers Satisfied with my Communication :slight_smile:

You’re kidding, do you have any idea how many buyers won’t order without asking me if they can order? Jesus F. Christ, I am sick of constant communication. Even when these people place an order, they still message you asking if you got their order. I told one guy, “if you can see your instructions, then I got your order.”

Communication is overrated. This isn’t real estate, you’re not closing a multi-million dollar deal, you’re not an account executive prospecting over cocktails.

You’re a seller on Fiverr, all you have to do is.

  1. Get an order
  2. Deliver the order

That’s it. You can always say thank you, even tell them about your order services, but my advice is keep communication to a minimum.