Communication plays the role, I say!


Dear Fellow sellers especially new sellers,

If you’re looking for a long-run show here on Fiverr, focus majorly on the communication part. That rocks! A proper and quick communication will help you stand out. A buyer always expect a seller with to the point communication. With communication, you can satisfy a client’s psyche.


  1. When you receive an order, try to reply asas you come to know of it. Just saying, “hey, thanks for your order. I will deliver your order asap.” This tells the buyer that you’re an active seller.
  2. Do use words like “Hello, Dear” with buyer’s fiverr user id or first name(if buyer has provided it).
  3. Do use smiles as and where you find them fit. Don’t use them much though.
  4. Communicate with honest and realistic approach.


  1. Never argue with a buyer who is hard on you. Simply try to understand buyer’s point of view. Try to adjust as much as you can.
  2. When a buyer wants refund despite you did your hard work but missed out by a bit, simply refund. This will help in a long-run. Coz if you don’t refund and Buyer reached out to Fiverr, and Fiverr cancels the order on your behalf, you’ll get it as a bad credit. So it’s better to cancel mutually by communicating it.

Do communicate well and it will make wonders for you!


A lot of people won’t like it if you call them “dear”.


I disagree, especially when a buyer is being an unreasonable nightmare. I always argue with them and keep their money. I hope that all unreasonable buyers who like to abuse their sellers read this and stay away from me. Communication is a two way street, after all. [quote=“pr_junction, post:1, topic:116525”]. When a buyer wants refund despite you did your hard work but missed out by a bit, simply refund. This will help in a long-run. Coz if you don’t refund and Buyer reached out to Fiverr, and Fiverr cancels the order on your behalf, you’ll get it as a bad credit. So it’s better to cancel mutually by communicating it

What about my time and effort? Oh boy, check out my last 1-star review. You’ll see how well I communicated. And I kept that 8 bucks!

EDIT: you’re also basically saying that you work for free if people get awks. PP chargebacks aren’t that common. If they are for you, you have either successfully communicated to everyone that you will work for free anyways so who cares, or you’re just not very good at what you do. Overall, while the basic message of what you’re saying is good, the actual details are horrible.


Mutual cancellation doesn’t affect your ratings??? Is that true ?

I thought it lower the order cancellation rate! But if CS cancel it it doesn’t affect any ratings!

Please correct me if I am wrong

PS: I don’t think it is a good idea to call your buyer “Dear” . I prefer user name or name !


Of course mutual cancellation affects your ratings. Fiverr has gone from “it definitely doesn’t affect your ratings” when sellers go blue in the face insisting it does to being one of the centerpieces of the recent changes to the sales dashboard. Either

a) it’s a cosmetic bit of fluff that doesn’t matter

b) it’s been changed because… well, that bit is up for speculation, but cancellations of all stripes do affect you. You can see it on the new help center page that I can’t be bothered to look for.

Good point though–OP is basically saying don’t get paid and take a kick in the mutual cancellations at the same time. It’s a great way to communicate!


#bad tips :thumbsdown:


As others have pointed out the obvious.
No Bueno! “no good”

  • “Hello, Dear” - I’d block them from contacting me ever again.
  • “Hello, Dear Gina” - I’m okay with that
  • “Hello, Gina” - Winner!



  1. ok
  2. I think you mean use ‘Hello Carol/capitalquality’ or ‘Dear Carol/capitalquality’? If so, okay. But Hello or Hi is better than ‘Dear’.
  3. Only use emojis/smilies when you have built a relationship with them and they’re appropriate. Otherwise, never use them
  4. ok


  1. Never argue, but always discuss professionally. you’re not a slave to a buyer, you don’t have to agree with everything they say, especially if it’s rubbish.
  2. It’s probably better to refund if you’re a new seller, but not as a general rule. If you did the work you deserve to be paid for it. All cancellations will impact your completion rate. Mutual cancellations don’t have as many other effects, such as significant changes in search ranking. Cancelling may not lead to mutual cancellation though. I’m a strong advocate of cancel if you need to and don’t worry about the completion rate but you need to understand the possible outcome and make this an informed decision.


Don’t argue with buyers. From experience, it ends up bad. Point out the flaws in their reasoning and if they are adamant, refund.


Yeah, I do think communication is key , in any sort of trading . I kind of agree with you. i have a very mixed feeling as far as fiverr is concerned, It was all going well till i experienced a buyer who i think ran out of patience. These days I seldormly have any orders . Bam! i have a dent of "one star " , one unhappy buyer out of 14 happy buyers.

Usually i worked on gigs “Pronto pronto”, thats is to say with those with highest priority, with the kind of skills i have am able to research in 5hrs and sketch in 2hrs and internalize and debate choice of design approach to take. This ways any works could be completed within a single day.Quality design process and quality output .I made room for iterations too within a single day.

Then i ran into this buyer who ordered and told me , " hey, i dont need this gig so urgent,…take your time " …but naive me didnt know they shouldnt order at all they should order when i am ready or message me first or Something. (I.e. lesson 1 beware of unspecific/ uncertain buyers ). I worked by highest priority.Kind of gets my creative juices flowing .

Lol…i blame my self alot i kind of havent recovered since .But i consider these as one of those i should have figured out quickly and cancelled the gig. My PC wasnt working , and i had been hanging with hopes of getting it was gonna work well again in not time, had to wait to buy an affordable pc when all hopes were dashed, and kept giving promising messages .

In these situation as a Good communicator , I was able to keep a buyer waiting for 6 weeks , a gig meant for three days.

Being a good comunicator just isnt enough sometimes , the truth
Need to be said , gigs must be completed, delivered and then communicated and also spell out some basic rules that requires buyers to inbox first. All are inter-dependent. never leave any out.(i.e. i learnt my lesson)


Hmm… thanks for the inputs… then “Hello Buyername” should do I guess!


Exactly… plus it gives us stress which may affect our other ongoing orders or new orders.


Wow! that’s an interesting the shortest ever sum-up. This gives a hint about your communication skills. I am fine if someone doesn’t agree with what I’ve to say, but then it has to have proper reasons. Simply saying “bad tips” in bold fonts is not what communicate people ever do. Hence I would say that yours is a “bad reply”.


Reading the response here about using the word “dear” - I’ve considered not to use it in my next communications with buyers and see how it goes. I mean, many of you have expressed that fact that using “dear” in communication is not quite likeable at the other end. Thank you Gina.


I’ve noted this and I’m going to make sure that I don’t make use of this word in my next communications with buyers and see how it goes. Thanks catwriter for sharing your valuable input. Much appreciated.