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Communication Problems

I always have communication problems with sellers when I buy gigs. This time around, to cut down on confusion I purchased from someone who represented themselves to be from the US. As usual, we had communication problems. However, when I logged into my site, I see that they are coming from Sri Lanka. Does Fiverr verify where people are in the world? If they do, apparently there’s a way around it.

Yep, I think they use a proxy or something like that. You can always report the user, not sure if it does any good, not even sure if they can verify what country they are from. I would definitely message a user before buying to avoid communication problems.

Yeah I agree with accessgirl. Some sellers are definitely pretending to be from the US when they’re really not (and misrepresenting themselves with a profile picture that isn’t them on top of that). You can usually tell if a seller is really from the US by either messaging them first (and judging their English from that) or just by reading their profile. Sometimes I’ll just google image search their profile picture just to see if it’s actually a celebrity or a model or something (I’ve found this to be true a lot).