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Communication through prohibited channels

What happens when a buyer request to communicate to you through skype or email which the company prohibits.

What SHOULD happen is that you hit the “report” button and say nothing to them.

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But in my job I have frequently need email Skype and Facebook to implement those so I have need them frequently

No one has any reason to use Skype or Facebook to communicate. Use the order page. All communication is done either there or in your inbox.

This is for your protection. If there is a dispute then it is all there, written down, everything that was said.

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Your reasoning is valid. Thank you.

I have need to put those info to their site.and some times they have need my email to add me their admin in their admin panel through email

Ask customer support about this, if they will allow you to do this.


How do I invite freelancer to use google share folder, to upload massive creative file that I bought, if I can’t obtain freelancer’s email address?

You can’t use google share folder. Maybe use dropbox. It is allowed since you do not need to give any personal information to use it.

Thank you for the tips :slight_smile: