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Communication to buyers!


I find it is best to have a MS Word file with a generic “Thank you for purchasing my gig” message that I send out on every purchase. I also have a closing message when I send the audio files to my customers which thanks them and asks for feedback if they liked my work.

Does anyone else do that? Does anyone not send any communications between the buyer/seller?


I have a txt file that has my most common answers and replies, cut and paste is my BFF


You have a fiverr toolbox, I want a toolbox with the fiverr logo on the side


True. I do sometimes edit my auto responses depending on my communications with a buyer. Sometimes you need to say something more.


I also have an auto response, for like when a potential buyer contacts me through message if I read the message and I can help them with their project I’ll send them a message that tells them what to do and what they should order so that they get exactly what they want.


I have a generic response I paste when completing orders and modify it for each order, if needed.


Reply to adnagam: That is pretty much what I do also, tweeking it for an individual order


Totally I have an xls spread sheet with a number of sheets named for the key elements to why someone might get that message. It helps me organize all the messages, save search time.


You know I think my one simple family tree gig is enough for me, I sometimes wonder how sellers with multiple gigs and extras keep up with all the orders


I send a pdf with most of my orders which thanks them, gives them instructions on how to use their order, etc.