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Communication Tricks with Buyers [PSYCHOLOGY TRICKS]

Hi Everybody,

I am FrenchShark, a new Logo Designer in Fiverr.

Since I joined fiver, I understood the communication is a very important part for our business. We can start from our gig Description. Buyers understand our qualities with it.

How to start orders? Do you send some words to buyers when you get the order? As I think it is a better point to access buyers mind. If they didn’t receive any thing, they just feel empty. If you tell something to them they will feel something better for you.

Can we satisfy when we deliver the order? We need ratings and reviews. As I think it is a big problem in this forum. I have the same problem. It is not easy take a review for a Logo Designer. Some gigs can have a lot of reviews easily. Never beg for a review. Just do your works professionally. Then congratulate him.

As I think this, you have a lot of suggestion. Otherwise you may need to blame me. It’s OK. Please comment your ideas and then we can generate better psychology Ideas together.

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Hi @frenchshark, some of the largest discussions on the “Tips for Sellers” section have been running for years, and have hundreds of tips on this question. I’d take a peek there.



@frenchshark Well I partially agree with what you have lets look at the process here and the “what should a seller do” methodology with it. (this is all based on my personal opinion on the way an order should be made.

  1. Fiverr Order initiated.

    Buyer - Buyer orders the Gig

    Seller - Thank the buyer via messaging through the order, and assure them you will get on it right away.

  2. Fiverr Order in progress.

    Buyer - Buyer awaits for word from the seller.

    Seller - Gives buyer and update once started.

  3. Fiverr Order is nearing completion.

    Buyer - Buyer is getting excited.

    Seller - Gives buyer assurance its going smoothly and almost completed.

  4. Fiverr Order delivery.

    Buyer - Buyer receives and decides on next action.

    Seller - Gives the buyer a message indicating delivery of the item, and “offers” the buyer an opportunity to complete and rate the gig if they are satisfied, if there is an issue or needs modification the buyer is given that option as well. (All in one message)

  5. Buyer Accepts or requests modification.

    a. Buyer - Buyer accepts and Rates

    a. Seller - Thanks the Buyer and rates back accordingly. (Buyer gives 5 or 4 star its matched, otherwise if the rating is lower Seller gives Buyer 1 star lower then their initial rating)

    b. Buyer - Buyer doesn’t rate or complete

    b. Seller - Sends a message to buyer by the third day of completion asking if there is anything wrong with the order completion and or if the buyer was happy because as a buyer, you haven’t heard back or gotten completion or rating. (sometimes this will get the buyer to respond but not guaranteed.)

    c. Buyer - Buyer requests modification

    c. Seller communicates with the buyer ASAP in regards to the modification and verify the changes are received positively and done immediately. Going back to step 3 and 4.

  6. The order was a success.
  7. Buyer - Satisified customer with a possibility of returning as a return customer or spreading the word about your services.
  8. Seller - Gets accomplishment and completion as well as getting paid (in most cases 14 days later.)

    The key here is communication from start to finish. Some sellers don’t communicate at all and the only communication from the seller is on delivery expecting to get a great rating…

    Sometime a buyer will not leave ratings at all. Its just how they want to do things for various reasons Reasons range from not wanting to hurt a sellers ratings to not wanting their name to be seen by anyone as a buyer.

    Flexibility is also a key factor to communication as the buyer should get what they want from you if its within your ability.

    Again this is all my personal opinion on how I see it going. I am sure there are many with their own. but this has led to my success thus-far.

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If you want NLP tricks to dupe people into buying things they don’t want or don’t need, you’ll have to look somewhere else. My opinion on all the NLP, “black magic” hypnosis, etc. is that if these people would just spend that time being better at what they do, they wouldn’t need these little tricks.

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yes i think you are saying right

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There is no point in replying to old posts.

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Was going to comment on this but feel an uncontrollable need to go buy from the OP instead.