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Communication With Seller!

Hello Experienced Sellers!

How can convince buyers to agree on my demands if he is in tight budget?


Demand might not be the right word to use on that context, but I think I understand your question.

If they have a fixed budget and it’s below your rates just send them their way so they can find someone that would be able to fit their budgets.

If however they are not sure about spending that much on your service, then it could help to show the value they’d be getting rather the price they’re paying.

I find what works the most for me is when they are reassured of my professionalism and in depth understanding of their problem.

Most people won’t mind paying your price if they think you’re worth that, so make sure not only you’re actually worth how much you’re charging, but that you’re also able to convey that to your prospects.

Good luck!


I suggest not trying to work with anyone who is on such a tight budget that they can’t afford to pay what you are asking. I understand newer sellers might want to try to lower their prices to help these types of inquiries. But it’s a risky thing to do. Sometimes such buyers can be difficult.


thank you for the feed back next i will use the right context…