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I am new to Fiver. I carefully selected my seller by way of checking all the reviews (almost 300), levels etc. I chose them as I adore their work. They had a long delivery time (a month) and I was ok with that. However I had sent a message two times prior and heard nothing. I sent another today as it was delivery day and still have heard nothing nor a received a delivery. I have not heard anything from them. Is this normal? They are fulfilling orders as the “latest delivery time” on their profile keeps changing.

Not sure what else to do as I really loved their work and wanted to see what they came up with, but I feel as though I’ve been ignored. :frowning:

No it is not normal. You will have the chance to cancel the order since it has not been delivered. You should have had at least one or two messages by now.

It has been delivered now. However I do not se anything on the delivery page. Just their message. If I hit Accept and Review, will that complete the order it will that take me to my design? I’m hesitant to click it as I assume I should see it before accepting.

whatever you ordered should be visible on the order page, in a file or attachment. If there is nothing there do not accept it and ask the seller where your order is