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Community feedback thread to help with thumbnails and aesthetics!

Hey there!

A couple of weeks ago I was looking for some feedback on my current gigs and profile which focus around providing urban dance videos for online and professional use.

After discussing some possible improvements on my profile, I started implementing some changes, such as taking out irrelevant gigs, replacing thumbnails with more eye catching and consistent images and text, as well as differentiating my services according to different search results.

Since then, my Fiverr page has grown substantially and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results from the community’s help.

Feel free to drop in any images, questions, or requests for feedback for your gigs whether as a whole or individually, and let’s see how we as the community can help!


The gig images/thumbnails are good but there’s supposed to be a different one on each gig. I think you’re using the same gig image and video thumbnail on multiple gigs.

I think it is only a recommendation for a more effective gig images, but it is not against the Tos.

@spook1 everything looks much better now.

Though there is nothing wrong with so many same images, I think it decreases the time people look at your gigs. At first glance, I thought most of them based on the same topic and I didn’t know the difference till after reading the title.

You might be right, though it can lead to gigs getting denied, even for images that look similar but aren’t the same.


The following link might be a recommendation but still as shown above, if you don’t do it you can get your gig denied.


If you own more than a single Gig, be sure to choose a different image to each one. This will ensure buyers can find what they need.

Hmm, I didn’t know that, thanks. Maybe because he designed the gig image as a classic thumbnail image, he wasn’t denied.

The guy in the link is using same style, almost same shots of himself, with different texts. I guess they do it. on case by case basis.

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