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Community not Competition

I’m new on Fiverr but not new to the industry I cater to!

Being in Social Media for years, I always admired when the newbies were full of enthusiasm to learn the Art of Social.
But over a period of time, I’ve learned that what has really hit the market is not buyers but the pricing of the sellers who quote rock bottom.

However, I truly believe that when your work is good there will always be a buyer out there. With this, I’m hoping to start a new journey on Fiverr. I would love to know more about you folks!


Welcome to Fiverr Forum


Good job, asocialwizard.

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welcome to here and best of luck


Thank you so much for being kind! More power to you

Really Appreciate this! Means alot.

Thank you for welcoming me!

Hello @asocialwizard

Welcome to Fiverr and the community. We are happy to have you onboard.

You are absolutely correct! Don’t care about your competition spoiling the market with rock bottom prices, that’s the rule of the market. New sellers try to grab a piece of the cake by offering a rock bottom price at start and eventually increase their prices by up to 100% in a year or so.

The amazing team at fiverr have put this great free course for new sellers, I highly recommend you watch it: Learn how to Successfully Freelance on Fiverr

Interact in the community, ask questions and have fun!