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In recent weeks the forum has become a place where many people have grown uncomfortable to contribute for fear of reprisal from some community members, this naturally goes against the ethics of why the community exists in the first instance.

The Fiverr Forum is a community of Buyers, Sellers, Community Moderators, Ambassadors and Admins who are here to learn and to help and develop from each other. With that in mind, we ask that all users please follow the community guidelines in order to create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable to post and contribute to our great community.

You can read more here:

We love to hear your stories, what makes your Fiverr experience tick, your problems / rants and how you tackle them head on, your suggestions and how Fiverr can improve or when you just need advice from our community, the forum is always here and listening for Doers everywhere.

Side Note:

We urge you, that if you notice a forum user breaking the rules or behaving in an otherwise questionable manner within the community, Please alert a community moderator by clicking the Flag button in each post. Do not try to deal with them yourself. All flags sent to the Moderation team are strictly private and confidential and will not be shared with any other user, any other site issue can be forwarded directly to the Trust and Safety team within Customer Support at:



It’s true, the forum hasn’t been very relaxing for some people lately. I think a lot of this is down to a new system and unfamiliarity. I think one of the biggest issues for many here isn’t the questionable behavior–that was fruitful on the old one–but a lot of others are withdrawing posts etc due to fear of flagging. Perhaps a little to much negative emphasis on the wrong use of flagging in the first days is partially responsible for this? I flagged myself to get a badge, remember, then there was the unexplained post limit…

All that said, I’m pretty happy with the new forum. I do think the flag button shouldn’t be anonymous though, but this is more due to my belief that if people should argue for themselves as to why they dislike xyz that someone else has said. If the offender is just being gratuitously hateful, that’s another matter entirely.

Eh, it’s a learning process. I would recommend that the mute button actually does what it says, though. Otherwise apparently relaxed people can stalk a profile of mine on another website and go wild with crazy insults in Greek regarding my status of, ooh, 7 years ago. Which I personally find hilarious, as all their insults are based on ancient intel from dead profiles.

Not that the mute button would prevent such behavior, and nor would I flag such idiocy, as I believe in letting others (and me) dig our own grave. Besides, there’s a demand for some drama.

The discomfort I mention isn’t related to what I’ve semi-specifically named; it’s related to a fear or retribution–and not from the other stupid users. It’s a fear of Fiverr and officialdom.

As for the most relaxed person on the forum: keep it up, honey.


Great reminder. I would like to add that while we encourage flags for inappropriate behavior and rule breaking, there are some things to keep in mind:

Please do not flag if:

You are flagging because you dislike the post or user but they haven’t broken rules

You are flagging because a comment is mildly off topic but doesn’t break rules

You are flagging when a normal tangent happens in a thread without breaking rules or being disrespectful to the OP.

You are flagging because a new user has made one post in the wrong category. You can reply to the user and remind them to move the post. If a user repeatedly posts or spams in the wrong category the mods will probably catch it, but flags are helpful if you see a major problem.

Flags should be for violations of forum rules or guidelines, violations of community guidelines, Fiverr ToS violations, or disrespect towards users/staff/moderators… Thanks!


I feel this is an uphill battle though. If you look at reddit, they have an up/downvote scheme in place and the downvotes should only be used if… well, all the policy here. The reality here and on reddit is that you get someone who doesn’t like you who just flags (in lieu of a dowvote). Now, there’s the trust system in place for that, but it doesn’t combat the instant gratification of squashing someone and seeing their post blocked.

The unintended result of this is that some posters note what’s happening and self censor. These would be the more law-abiding types who don’t skirt the line all the time too. It all adds up (and is a PITA for the mod team). Never mind what posting type the person is: it adds to the complaint that the forum is dull, or whatever. I believe it when the mod team says PMs aren’t spiked. The forum is still a “place to get noticed and mek sell”–and a PM destroys that, and… eh, I don’t buy that one at all.

Perhaps block the lower levels from flagging at all, if that’s not already in place? I seem to remember the flag is weighted on trust, but it might be woth adding an extra NOPE for new people until they’ve passed an arbitrary threshold.


This has been discussed in great detail on another thread I’d have to find, but that does not happen here for very long. It takes more than one flag, it takes flags from users with high trust scores, and every single flagged post is eventually reviewed by a moderator or staff member. If they disagree with the flags, the post is unhidden. I also reminded people in my post above that flagging someone because you dislike them or their post is not enough for the mods to agree.

This is already in place. Users cannot flag at all until they reach a certain trust score. If a user overflags, it lowers their trust score and eventually they will go low enough that they can’t flag anymore. If necessary, a moderator can also lock a user out of the flag system.


I just shuddered with pleasure involuntarily.

I don’t really have an issue with the forum as it is. It seems to me that a lot of factors that came with this forum are clashing with old habits, if that makes sense. The downvote fiasco of the old forum (which I loved) comes to mind. LIke I said, everyone should try to be controversial (caveat: mildly, this isn’t LiveLeak!) daily. It’s what pushes a discussion forward and encourages debate. Without it, you have a rather staid forum that’s boring. I think maybe too much emphasis from all parties is being placed on the somewhat abused flag, and people who think it matters more than it does deleting stuff, which ruins the flow of conversation/attracks more deletions due to “I don’t wnat to look like I’m talking to myself”.

All that kind of stuff.

I’m just going to do my thing anyway. For example, I think how Fiverr handled the PDP case was appalling (all of it) and while the forum–being official–had to follow suite with offical policy…

…so there. Say what you think without violating forum rules. And quit the anon flag, that’s no way to debate.


Oh, and I hate that Fiverr is giving random people $500 for being a doer and… er… what?

Crap viral strategy Fiverr. Plz spend the monies on fixing Fiverr first thanks. As ambassadors and staff are looking at this, I’m saying this. Sure it’s only $500, but c’mon. Absolutely pointless non viral crap. Just stahp.

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Free Money for a Doer

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Yes, I think too many people are worried that flags mean they did something “wrong” when sometimes it’s a mistake or a disagreement. The moderators look at them and mods are here to work as a team so flags are handled well and no one person or clique takes over. Moderation should be, well, moderate. Flags are like anonymous votes in a way and I don’t think that’s bad as opposed to named downvotes. Someone going on a silent flag rant will have flags removed and quietly dismiss. Well voiced but controversial opinions will be “heard” in public. Uncontrolled rants will eventually be removed.

Exactly. It’s appreciated by the forum team when moderation is less necessary. I would keep rules, respect and community style in mind. Then posts don’t have to be wildly self-deleted or mod removed. If a thread is removed, no big deal, just try to understand why and self moderate next time before you have to delete or have another post removed.


And I think that’s how this forum is on the whole. To add onto my previous points, if someone’s never been in trouble (quotation marks) before, what’s just a slap on the wrist can feel like a lot more. It’s really nothing more than just a “quiet down now, children” thing.

@videostore https://■■■■■■■■■■■/fiverr feast on this. A tweet 8 hours ago: “What motivates you? Join our #InDoersWeTrust movement for the chance to be awarded $500 in #Fiverr credit. http://■■■■■■/2jG31nz

Check out that tracking URL yo.

EDIT: oh my sides, that tweet came with a gif featuring a “campus icon”. Fiverr troll level= expart


Anyway, less focus on BS muh feelings forum BS, more on our 20% overlord’s behavior please.

The forum is fine and say what you want to within reason. Fiverr’s throwing away money like confetti for very limited exposure while having squandered huge exposure. This is more interesting.

And a much better example of community participation. It’s not terribly relaxing but that’s not the point, dear.


@ozzieuk Thanks for sharing this article. Yes that’s exactly true. Forum should be a friendly place that community members help each other & inspire other members in order to build & retain a STRONG platform. Therefore, forum shouldn’t be a place for retaliating. :thumbsup:


i am new at fiverr , site is very good and it can help in building confidence as anyone can make money by his own. no more dependence on others. also for buyers .as site help them to take best work from best sellers by comparing packages…



Sorry about that, I thought we were supposed to flag those, not reply to them.


@catwriter. No worries, that one is honestly a grey area. The reason it’s in the list is that once in a while someone seems to go on a flag hunt and flags a bunch of minor issue posts fast, sometimes with commentary to explain where the post should go.

It can take longer to go through and read all those comments (usually unnecessary) than to just look for new posts and move them. Nothing major. :slight_smile:


The forum is great to get and give tips and advice for all fiverr related things,
for those who want it, it can or could be a nice place to chat with ‘co-workers’,
and from time to time there are really good discussions happening,
on all kinds of things, if fiverr related or not,
and discussions are to discuss, not to just agree,
healthy controversy is a good thing, because if I only wanted to read my own opinions worded slightly different by someone else, I could just talk to myself and save time :wink:
Sure, we all like to read posts that confirm our own stance and such too, but I like to read especially POVs different from my own actually, sometimes they even are able to change my own point of view or at least give me new ideas and insights.

What is bad for any community, and I have seen communities die because of it, is when there are too many people who don´t/can´t differ between posts and people (and roles and people, in the case of mods).