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Hello everyone,

Supposing I represent a company on Fiverr, how much information can I disclose? Can I mention the company name. For example, am I allowed to say that I manage a team of developers and if so, can I mention the company name?

I understand that I cannot mention a URL.



When you hire someone, you can copy and paste the URL if they need it to do their job. Or you can give buyers details about the company. What you can’t do is provide e-mails, phone numbers, addresses. If the company website has those, that’s not your responsibility. All communication must occur within Fiverr, with the exception of Skype gigs (those gigs where they talk to you for 15 to 30 minutes, maybe teach you a language).

I think he means can he say in his profile and gigs “I manage a team of developers for XYZ Corporation.” Can he do this? I’m not sure.