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Do I need to be a level 2 seller to get the “compare packages” option for me gig?


No, you do not. If you go to your gig and click in it and scroll down a bit it should be there


If it helps, I can see the Compare Packages button/link, when I click your gig.

You can see which perks come with which level here, within the images:


Sorry I mean something like this.


I’m not sure how to do the ticks.


They automatically appear if you say go on your gig to edit it and you check the boxes you offer.


I only get this


Yes if you offer the source file or commercial use option check the boxes if not do not click them


My gig was in the wrong category. That’s why I didn’t have all the options that other guy had. Thanks for your help!


You’re welcome! Glad you could figure it out!


Yes you definitely can do that no need to be level 2