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Compare the URL of the Gig to the actual "I will" phrase

Before ordering a gig you might want to compare the gig url and the “i will” phrase. E.g I will write a press release; URL must be and not or something different.

Because if it matches then the ratings are actually of that gig. Otherwise, the ratings might be from the original gig that was modified to something new which now bears the ratings of the original gig.

For me this is misleading. And I see a lot of high ratings, top seller gigs that are using this “scheme” to take advantage of the high rating and mislead buyers.

Has anyone also notice this? Or this is just normal in fiverr?

When you are new and create your title, you don’t have a crystal ball to know what the future or competition may bring. As a newbie, I didn’t realize that once I set my title up it was in stone. It wasn’t until after I changed my title that I realized that the URL was still using the old title. I sent customer service a ticket and their reply was that URL’s can’t change.

So the questions is, shouldn’t fiverr allow the URL to be updated when the title is changed? Since Fiverr doesn’t allow the URL to be updated when the title changes, I can’t really blame the seller. I think most sellers change their title, not to deceive, but to reflect what the current market is asking for at that time.

Hi, i think it can be right what you see but the important is the feedback of buyer

njcbrp83 said: Has anyone also notice this?

It's not new and has been a Forum topic. Sellers have the ability (and the right) to change Gig titles and descriptions. What many don't know is that the URL does not change. So if a Seller starts out with "I will do 500 of this for $5" and later changes the title to "I will do 300 of this for $5", the URL remains unchanged at "500-of-this" and a Buyer can rightfully argue that they should get 500 of this rather than 300 of this.

Whether Sellers use it a tactic, ploy or scam to mislead is another debate altogether, but should be tempered with the knowledge that many Sellers just don't realize the URL does not change.

Reply to @steveeyes: Too much work. Changing a URL means changing a webpage (there’s no easier way to do it). Can you imagine redoing webpages for possibly hundreds of sellers every month? I ain’t saying they can’t do it - but I understand why they won’t.

My experience is that after sometime fiverr also updates the URL to reflect the gig title change you made. One of my gig title used to be different but got updated to what is it now.

I do agree one should carefully choose gig titles. I see a trend here that people copy a title of a good selling gig and just edit a word or two.

Fiverr Customer service told me they never update the URL. I wonder why.

steveeyes said: Fiverr Customer service told me they never update the URL.

That is my understanding as well.

Reply to @dikosay: ???

You obviously know VERY LITTLE about how the web works.

  1. Changing a URL is easy, as every programmer knows.

  2. Fiverr HAS changed URLs, as you’d know if you actually READ the thread here, before commenting!

I can understand how having the url remain the same can be frustrating if you change your gig drastically. But there is a plus to it. If you post your gig url on social media or elsewhere, it will always link to your gig, now and in the future.

If the url was changed it would not and you would lose the benefit of the previous marketing that you did.

Reply to @regency85: Yes, Agree with you. It’s easy to change URLs. It’s better if the old URL is redirected to new URL just like WordPress to avoid SEO issues.

Usually, I brainstorm my gigs well before even writing the title. So I don’t need to change my Gig titles ever. I usually create Gig titles, description, tags, images & videos at the same time after doing keyword research and common sense a bit :slight_smile: